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The Aquarius Bride Or Groom

Qualities You Bring to your Marriage: Honesty, loyalty, friendliness, intellectual stimulation, but also aloofness, stubbornness and a need for independence within the relationship.

If you are an Aquarian Bride or Groom you are probably hoping that others will not want to help (or, in your words, ‘interfere’) with your plans too much. Your independent nature means that you are quite happy to shoulder the responsibility yourself, and your slightly aloof nature also means that you are the least likely of all of the zodiac signs to spend hours discussing little details with friends and acquaintances.

Aquarians have a strong unconventional streak, and it’s very likely that you will want your wedding to be somehow ‘different’. You have very firm, fixed ideas of what you do and don’t want, and when you have your heart set on something you are almost impossible to budge, so compromise is not something that’s likely to be going on a lot in your wedding plans!

You don’t like to have important events hanging over your head for too long, so a short engagement or even a sudden wedding may well be the case. Very philosophical, Aquarians tend to be very tolerant of other faiths and cultures, and of all of the signs, Aquarians are least likely to be troubled by entering a mixed faith marriage. Indeed, it may well be completely your cup of tea to incorporate elements of other faiths into your ceremony if you can.

A large guest list is very likely, because Aquarians are friendly to absolutely everyone. However, woe betide any friend or relative – or even your partner – who tries to push you into a certain direction for the wedding. You can have a rather perverse nature in that the harder someone tries to persuade you to do something in a particular way, the more likely you are to do completely the opposite.

  • Ideal Engagement Stone: Aquamarine
  • Ideal Wedding Theme Colours: Electric Blue, Turquoise, Aqua
  • Ideal Wedding Style: Unconventional, different, perhaps humanist or in an unusual venue.
  • Ideal Wedding Foods: Apples, Star Fruit, Kiwi Fruit, Lime, Kumquat, Chillies
  • Ideal Wedding Flowers: Orchids, Golden Rain
  • Ideal Wedding Transport: Hot Air Balloon
  • Ideal Honeymoon Destinations: Moscow, Salzburg, Hamburg or anywhere in Sweden, Poland or Israel.

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