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The Pisces Bride Or Groom

Qualities You Bring to your Marriage: Romance, imagination, sensitivity and compassion, but also escapism, secretiveness, possible deceit and gullibility.

Pisceans are renowned for being a little bit perverse (in the nicest possible way!), as the image of this sign – two fishes swimming in opposite directions – might suggest. As far as your wedding goes, the Piscean Bride or Groom is tugged in two different directions – torn between wanting everything to be just perfectly romantic for you yourself, yet also wanting to please EVERYONE else.

It is very important that you stand up for yourself during the planning of the wedding – this sign above all others sometimes needs reminding that it is YOUR day, not everyone else’s! Taking the line of least resistance may make for a smoother run up to the wedding, but it may also mean sacrificing some of your dreams, and you really shouldn’t be doing that on your wedding day of all days.

The colourful Piscean imagination is a wonderful asset in planning a wedding to remember, and your creativity is a real bonus in inventing special little touches to make your day unique to you. Traditionally a very romantic sign, you nonetheless surprise those around you in your often unorthodox expression of romance – the golden rule here is that if it feels romantic to you and your partner, it IS romantic!

Sun sign Pisceans are however not always the best at making decisions, especially about important events. Much hesitation is likely over the smaller details of your Big Day, and you are also quite likely to change your mind several times before you settle on what you really want. Beings such an emotional sign, your nerves may well get the better of you as they day approaches, and it could be that the slightest little thing will bring on the tears as the tension grows. Relaxation of some kind is therefore essential throughout the wedding planning process, but particularly in the later stages – you would also do well to cultivate a sense of proportion as well as a sense of humour!

At the end of the day, however, your natural kindness and sensitivity shines through to ensure that not only do you have the time of your life on your wedding day, but so do your relatives and friends. Capable of planning and executing a truly special wedding, all you need to do is to hold your nerve.

Ideal Engagement Stone: Moonstone

Ideal Wedding Theme Colours: Soft Sea Green, Cream

Ideal Wedding Style: Romantic, possibly religious, but not necessarily ‘traditional’

Ideal Wedding Foods: Fish of all kinds, pumpkin, exotic salads, figs, melon

Ideal Wedding Flowers: Waterlilies in a water display. For the other flowers, any that bloom in cream, yellow or green.

Ideal Wedding Transport: Boat

Ideal Honeymoon Destinations: Portugal, Scandinavia, Jerusalem, Seville, Alexandria, any island.

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