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The Sagittarian Bride Or Groom

Qualities You Bring to your Marriage: Optimism, humour, honesty and a philosophical outlook, but also carelessness, irresponsibility, tactlessness and a restless nature.

If you are a Sagittarian Bride or Groom you can be a bit of a handful, in the nicest possible way. Of all the zodiac signs, this is the one most overflowing with natural exuberance and enthusiasm. When planning a wedding, this can mean budgets flying out of the window, parties on a scale grander than any Millennium do, and a general tendency to go over the top whatever kind of wedding is planned.

That said, your enthusiasm is catching, and your raw energy inspires everyone around you to get as keyed up as you are for your Big Day. With such a philosophical nature, you are able to take the ups and downs of wedding planning in your stride, and it is your natural instinct to look on the bright side of any issue. Every cloud has a silver lining, so they say, and if anyone can find it, you can! And yes, this even applies to any problems on your wedding day – your sense of humour will see you through.

Although you have great breadth of vision, you are often bored by detail – it would be wise to have someone from a more detail loving sign such as Virgo or Taurus around to dot the I’s and cross the T’s. You also tend to flit from one aspect of the planning to the next, without quite finishing any of them! No matter, because yours is the grand vision of the whole that will make final sense of everyone else’s contributions.

  • Ideal Engagement Stone: Topaz
  • Ideal Wedding Theme Colours: Dark Blue, Purple
  • Ideal Wedding Style: Outdoor element to ceremony or reception, not too traditional.
  • Ideal Wedding Foods: Grapefruits, sultanas, leeks, cinnamon and sage
  • Ideal Wedding Flowers: Anything Pink or Purple
  • Ideal Wedding Transport: Horse and Carriage
  • Ideal Honeymoon Destinations: Toledo, Stuttgart, Cologne, Avignon, Toronto, Naples or anywhere in Spain, Australia, South Africa or Arabia.

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