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Tiger Horoscope 2015


TIGER (East) – AQUARIUS (West)

tigerAt first glance, the energies of the Tiger and the Goat do not combine. This last sign is related to the peaceful development of life, in which extremes are avoided, whereas the Tiger has a predisposition for great challenges and a radical approach to life, therefore it seems to them that in the year of the Goat 2015 everything is too slow, dragging and uninteresting.

But with the passing of the months they will realize things are not quite like that. On the contrary, the year of the Goat 2015 may become rather constructive and positive. The harder they try, the more they will achieve.

The chaos of the past is coming to an end and although nothing ever runs smoothly in your life, there will be fewer surprises this year. You should be concentrating on finishing what you start and broadening your creative horizons. You can count on others for help this year so don’t hesitate to ask for favors.

The very people that you approach will not only give you the support you need but will bring knowledge, ideas and cash to the table. Your cash should be put away for safekeeping this year.

2015 Love Horoscope for Tiger

The star Heavenly Happiness symbolizes happiness in marriage and a happy family life. Its influence benefits sentimental life. For single Tiger, the expectation of a new relationship or marriage will always be present.

2015 Career Horoscope for Tiger

This is a clearly positive year, due, among other reasons, to a star which symbolism is linked to the so called “Flower of the Emperor”, that is said to have been planted inside the Forbidden City. It represents social superiority.

This star’s appearance in a person’s destiny points to the probability of a job promotion and the ability to deal with difficulties and controlling situations.

2015 Money Horoscope for Tiger

The star Sudden Collapse appears in the destiny of Tigers to recommend prudence. Its symbolism is connected with the image of a building collapsing from the lack of solid foundations.

That is, if the foundations of projects and businesses aren’t solid enough, they may end up collapsing due to the slightest accident. Risk investments should be avoided.

Health Horoscope 2015 for Tiger

The Tigers’ physical and mental health will be one of their best assets. Feeling stronger, they tend to face life in a more positive way. The rest (namely good luck) will come along…

MESSAGE OF THE YEAR  of the Goat for the TIGER

According to the famous astrologer Rocky Sung, the magic word for Tiger natives during this year will be “concentration”.

People born in the year of the Tiger will achieve almost everything they yearn for through a correct mental attitude and activation of creativity.

But they cannot get to the extreme of letting themselves go blind because of their own ambition of success. That would be destroying the magic.

  • Best months of the year 2015: February, March, June and November
  • What you should strive for in 2015: being serious and truthfulness
  • Your lucky numbers in 2015: 4,17,23,30,33,41

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