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Tiger Horoscope 2019

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2019 Chinese Horoscope Predictions For the Tiger, Year of The Pig

Dear Tiger, welcome to the Chinese New Year of the Pig 2019! According to Chinese astrology, the Chinese New Year 2019 will start on February 5, 2019.

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Tiger Horoscope 2019 Overview

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The following are general characteristics of the Chinese Astrology 2019 for a Tiger person. A more detailed investigation of a Tiger person’s personalised yearly horoscope would obviously reveal more.

Tiger Horoscope 2019 Overview

Tigers have completed the 2018 Year of the Dog  as brilliantly as expected. Hopefully the mighty Tigers will be able to capitalize more on the easy and positive Year of the Pig.

Congratulations!! The good luck of the Tiger flourishes in the year of the Pig. The Tiger Horoscope 2019 shows that this is not the time to hold back, everything would proceed according to your wishes and you will enjoy profit and success in your finance and career. It may be hard to make as much progress as last year, but the odds are in your favor right now, so take what you can get. And if you plan to have major changes in your life, such as buying a house, relocating, getting married, or having a baby, this could be the year for you.

Meanwhile, this year, you will see plenty of helping hands assisting you this Pig year 2019! Colleagues, friends and superiors will be very supportive towards you and will be firmly behind you in all endeavors. However, your stubbornness may get the better of you this year. You should try to be more flexible and learn to listen and communicate with others. Be modest and curious, and you will grow and mature through these learning experiences.

In fact it is only the Pig which might have enough patience and tolerance to deal with Tiger attitudes so that the overall spirit of 2019 will be gentle.

Still, also the Pig might draw bad card in case Tigers want to play it too selfish or dominating so that being more relaxed, friendly and gentle will certainly as the most appropriate recipe for the next 12 months.

No more need to fight and argue like in the Year of the Dog what leaves “relaxation” as the by far most important challenge for Tigers.

Sit down, have fun, take it easy and just doing it comes across as a simple task for all other symbols whilst skeptical Tigers will need a special push that can make them cross borders and bridges.

In a way it is up to them to enjoy and learn from the spirit of the smart and friendly Pig.


However, although you’re riding high in the year of Pig 2019, there will be obstacles on the way. Be modest, do not show off your success and mind your own business at all tines. You must learn to watch your behavior and word; these might get you into troubles from people who are jealous of you. And choose your friends carefully; some might stab in you the back if you are not cautious. Also, you need to pay more attention to your health. Overwork and daily stress will cause insufficient sleep for you, causing weakness to the immune system and some liver problem. In addition, if you have elderly at the family, do pay more attention to their health as well.

Finance-wise, although your expense might increase and there might be some money loss here and there, however, these are necessary and will help get away from the misfortune. You will desire to stay close to your family and home and it is encouraged to go to temples and pray for safety blessing from the negative effect of the “Tai Tsai” star. Your best months are in the year of Pig are January, March, September, November and December. Stay low during the months of February, April and July.

2019 Tiger Predictions For Love

The Tiger love horoscope for 2019 shows that there should be no major setbacks but also no significant gains. Just work on strengthening the relationships you now have.

Although the Tigers are riding high with all kinds of good luck, the Peach Blossom luck is a little absent from the Tiger’s luck this year; therefore, single Tigers should not have too-high expectations when it comes to matters of the heart.

For the single female Tiger, although you will meet some interesting friends, they are just not the one. The good news is, there might still be some suitors, however, you need to be very selective, if you jump into a relationship without really knowing that person, you might get yourself into troubles. Be patient, this might not the best year for you to meet Mr. Right. If you were born in 1974, you can wear a red bracelet to bring you better luck in romance.

Single male Tiger has a slightly better luck this year than the female Tiger. Look around, and try to expand your friends of circle, if you look hard and try hard, you might find a lady for yourself from your circle of friends or their friends. For those in committed relationships, you two will get closer. And you may finally hear the wedding bells and head over to the aisle this year. For the married Tigers, if you are trying to have a baby, your wish will finally come true this year.

To enhance your luck in romance, Tiger women can wear some white, round accessories, and Tiger men can wear black accessories such as jade, crystal or in square shape.

Tiger Chinese Horoscope 2019 For Finance

The Tiger forecast 2019 for money shows that this is the year you will be smiling all the way to the bank. Whatever you have in mind – a new business, or investment, you can pretty much profit from it. Nevertheless, don’t throw your money away like water. Avoid temptations caused by greed. Although there is no guarantee in life, this is as good a time as any to go for it. Make sure to do some research and trust your instinct, and you will get the harvest you wish for.

To increase your luck in finance, place a piece of jade or crystal in your office or room.

Year Of The Pig 2019 Predictions For Career

The Tiger 2019 horoscope for career shows that for Tigers, your career is on the rise and financial outlook is looking great in the year of Pig. Things will be going well in your career, in fact, you got a pretty good chance to get promoted or a raise, so even though you will be putting lots of time and effort in your work, at least, you will be rewarded. Moreover, you friends will be great help to you when it cones to your career and business.

Even for the part-time Tigers, this will be a good year for you. You will receive plenty of recognition and acclaim from friends and superiors, especially among your male friends, they will bring you good luck.

Trust your gut instincts this year, Tiger – chances are prospects will be smooth sailing with a little bit of intuitive magic! Trust your judgment and go for it. Who knows, this might be a turning point for your career life. Just one thing though, beware of jealousy from coworkers. Relationship with coworkers and friends might be the source of your headache this year. If you are not careful, you might get dragged into some legal problems.

Tiger 2019 Astrology for Health

Health-wise, you will not experience any serious illness or health threats. In fact, your energy level should be more than sufficient to make the most of this high energy year of Pig. Do, however, take time for some serious rest and relaxation. If you don’t know when to relax, you might become sleep-deprived and cause weakness to the immune system and some liver problem.

Meanwhile, there is an indication of male family members, susceptible to poor health. Do keep a close eye on these people and stay alert on any small ailments. And try to be careful of what you eat, and stay away from unhygienic eating outlets.

Tiger 2019 Monthly Forecast

Tiger January 2019
Everything is going your way, so hold on to the good luck and work harder.

Tiger February 2019
Work hard and be honest, your relationship, career, exam and business will all head toward the right direction.

Tiger March 2019
Plan ahead and make your move. You will accomplish a lot more than you think.

Tiger April 2019
Mind your own business and stay away from any dispute.

Tiger May 2019
Stay calm and focus and you shall succeed.

Tiger June 2019
You must learn to self-control and stop when it’s time. Do not rush into thing and ruin everything.

Tiger July 2019
Don’t be arrogant, and instead, be modest and cautious.

Tiger August 2019
Good luck is heading your way, so don’t let your carelessness get in the way.

Tiger September 2019
A great month for your finance and your family.

Tiger October 2019
Be cautious and be modest, you will regret if you don’t.

Tiger November 2019
You will accomplish your goal if you work hard.

Tiger December 2019
Time to learn new things and improve yourself. A great month in general.

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