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Tom Cruise Astrological Analysis

Tom Cruise Astrological Analysis

Tom Cruise Astrological Analysis

Tom Cruise has been one of the leading actors in Hollywood every since the world really paid attention to him in his first leading role in “Risky Business” in 1983. Since then he has gone on to star in such movie blockbusters as “Top Gun”, “Rain Man”, “The Color of Money”, “A Few Good Men”, “Mission Impossible”, “The Firm”, and “Jerry Maguire” to name but a few.

 Tom Cruise's natal chart
Tom Cruise’s astrology birth chart shows the portrait of a man with an abundance of creativity and the intense desire to succeed professionally by harnessing those very gifts.

He has his Sun in Cancer in his 10th House of Career. In a very real sense, the Sun placed here takes on a Capricorn identity. This underlines his intense desire for fame, fortune, and public praise. The Sun placed here is very powerful and makes him willing to work very hard and persevere through all obstacles to ensure his eventual success. He has an incredible work-ethic and is willing to climb any mountain in order to ensure his success.

His Moon in Leo means that on an emotional level, he has a great need to be admired, respected, and to really stand apart from the crowd as someone special. In his relationships, he “needs” to love and be loved. It tends to make him very romantic. In fact, if he ever feels that the romantic fire has died, he will tend to start looking elsewhere. This is, however, after he feels that he has done all that he can do to stoke that fire.

Tom Cruise has his Moon opposite Saturn in his 5th House of creativity, children, and romance. Quite often this is a difficult aspect which usually indicates that he felt that a parental figure (usually the father) was strict, very hard on him, and forced him to grow up before his time. This all added up to him feeling quite unloved as a child. Thus, in adulthood he tends to internalize his father’s voice in his head and is probably very demanding of himself. In reading his biography in Wikipedia, he stated that his father was a “bully.” He also learned early on that his father was not to be trusted: “I knew from being around my father that not everyone means me well” as he stated to Parade Magazine. This perfectly sums up his deep fears that he probably has to this very day of the potential of being hurt by others that you should be able to trust.

He has a grouping of planets located in his 11th House of hopes and dreams, friends, and humanity. In astrology jargon, this is called a “stellium” and it is defined as three or more planets in a particular area of the astrology birth chart. It indicates that this person has come into this incarnation to deeply focus upon the issues of the particular House that the stellium occurs.

Tom Cruise in Top Gun

Tom Cruise in Top Gun

In Tom Cruise’s case, he has his Moon, Venus, and Uranus in Leo. This gives him big dreams and an intense need to shine forth like a star. This particular grouping of planets also means that he puts all of himself into achieving those dreams. In fact, a few years ago I remember seeing some show on TV about the shooting of the movie “Top Gun.” I remember Anthony Edwards, who co-starred with Cruise as “Goose,” stating something to the effect of “It’s no accident that Tom Cruise is as successful as he is today. If you could see how much of himself that he puts into his career, you’d understand why.”

His emotional (Moon) well-being and his happiness (Venus) are directly linked to the accomplishment of his goals. He also has a great desire to express (Moon in Leo) himself in an artistic manner (Venus in Leo) in his own unique way (Uranus). He also tends to truly dislike doing things in a conventional manner. He basically has the view that “it’s either my way or the highway”.

These planets greatly affect his personality. Overall, his astrology birth chart has some very strong Leo energy. This gives him all the confidence in the world. In fact, do you remember all of his early movies in the late eighties like “Top Gun,” “All the Right Moves,” “Cocktail,” and “Days of Thunder”? Even though the plots of the movies were different, the characters he played all had the common theme of him proving that he was the “best of the best” or the champion in other words. That is Leo energy through and through.

His stellium in the 11th House gives that Leo energy a bit of an Aquarian flavor that manifests in ways that make him work to be as original and ahead of his time as possible. The down side to this is that he is sometimes perceived as eccentric, odd, or just plain weird.

His loyal dedication to Scientology seems to be viewed as the latter by a lot of people, but his passionate belief in it clearly shows his ability to think out-of-the-box. It also shows his fearlessness in going against the grain regardless of any criticism he might receive.

His Ascendant is in Virgo indicates that he pays meticulous attention to his appearance and he tends to be very exacting of the image that he shows the world. He is a very intelligent and analytical man who tends to have a very thorough and perfectionist approach to life. He also tends to be amazingly selective in both his professional and private life. He sets very high standards for himself. This is surely made clear due to the amazing job he has done in selecting several movies that have gone on to achieve enormous success.

Tom Cruise in Jerry MaguireHe has a true talent for handling details. When you apply this to his acting performances, you can see that he usually puts on a very polished performance. This is due to his Virgo Ascendant’s mission to make everything as perfect as possible. It does appear that this approach has worked out quite well for him!

Unfortunately, his high standards can manifest in his private life as well in the form of being very picky and simply expecting too much from his romantic partner. His strong Virgo energy results in him desiring perfection in all areas of his life, but that is often impractical when it comes to one’s love life.

His Moon is sextile his Ascendant in Virgo and trine his Mars. These are both very positive aspects in his chart that indicate that he comes across as a warm, inviting, and friendly person with tons of charisma and confidence.

He also has his Mercury conjunct his midheaven (career). This indicates that he is someone who, once again, has a very sharp mind and uses it effectively to get ahead. He is a great communicator (Mercury) in a very public way (midheaven). It tends to make him a great mimic which, of course, all great actors need the ability to do. This has, undoubtedly, contributed to his great success and longevity in his career.

His Mercury is square (tension) his Ascendant, however, which means that his words can easily be misconstrued at times. It also means that he tends to say things quite unintentionally that provoke people to anger. Since he has a square here, it means that it can have an adverse effect on his career and public opinion of him as a person.

The most obvious examples of this were highlighted during his terse confrontation with Matt Lauer of the Today Show, his harsh words aimed at Brooke Shields regarding how she was dealing with her post-partum depression, and his blatant condemnation of modern psychology and psychiatry. All of the above items really plummeted the public interest in his career and made a lot of people tend to view Tom Cruise as someone who was a bit emotionally unstable and, at the very least, someone who was just strange.

Tom Cruise has his Mars in Taurus in his 9th House of philosophy, religion, higher-education, and travel. This indicates that he is very passionate (Mars) about his ideals (9th House) and is extremely stubborn (Taurus) about any alternative points of view, and fiercely defends (Mars again) those very ideals. Once again, his passionate views about Scientology come to mind.

Lastly, he has a spectacular grand trine (harmonious) in water signs in earth Houses between his Sun, Neptune, and Jupiter. I’m sure that translates to Greek for you, but let me explain. A trine is an easy-flowing aspect that denotes that we have a natural gift and/or ability of some sort. A grand trine consists of three or more planets that are all trine to each other. As you can probably guess, this gives him a lot of intense creative ability.

Tom CruiseSince those planets are all in his earth Houses or money Houses, it means that he can readily tap into his vast reservoir of creative energy in his acting career and, in turn, make huge sums of money. The water signs tend to feel their emotions very deeply and since he is a Sun sign Cancer (and is in his grand trine); he has a very natural ability to use those emotions in a very strikingly artistic manner. In essence, he is using his grand trine energy in exactly the way it is meant to be used.

Overall, the astrology birth chart of Tom Cruise shows someone who intends to make his mark on the world. He also has a deep need to prove himself. After surviving an abusive and turbulent childhood, he has truly learned to overcome any and all obstacles to ensure the one thing he needs more than anything else – to achieve such great success that he is never again denied the love and respect that he so desperately needs.

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