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Transiting North Node To Libra 2014-2015 – It’s not just about you

The transiting north node entered Libra at 18th February of 2014 where it will remain into November 2015. The north node orients us to the future where a universe of opportunity awaits us. The south node represents a compelling story-line that may not be as helpful as it appears. Solar eclipses throughout this time period emphasize the importance of the transiting nodes. If you know where this nodal axis is transiting through your chart, you will have additional information about how to keep these themes on your radar screen and your compass pointed north to take full advantage of this interesting transit.

I believe the moon represents how at home we feel on the earth. It tells us something about our issues around inclusion, belonging, and purpose. In fact, people often have questions about their purpose in life when transiting planets aspect the natal moon. How we nurture ourselves is related to the moon and the sign of the natal moon provides information about how to take care of and nurture ourselves.

Whereas the moon represent how at home we feel in this life, our incarnation, on earth, the lunar nodes represent how at home we feel in the universe. It’s much bigger in the sense that now we are looking at the evolution, growth and development of the bigger, higher us – our soul, our evolution. So the nodes tell us something about how we experience nourishment on a universal or spiritual level.

The transiting nodes describe a common theme for all of us, a collective theme. The north node represents the future – where we develop new approaches and attitudes and a new pattern of growth and development. It’s where we are making new connections. So, energizing the north node principles moves us forward.

The south node represent the past and sometimes here we get stuck on the idea, “This is the way I’ve (we’ve) always done it – the way it’s always been.” This is where we are working with old approaches and attitudes and examining old behavior patterns or dependencies from the past. Too much identification with the south node tends to inhibit development. It’s like looking in a rear-view mirror. You want to utilize it – (it’s the road you’ve already traveled) but you don’t want to focus there or you won’t see where you’re going – the road ahead.

My phrase for the nodes in Libra and Aries is relationship action. It’s about that balance between you and the other person. With the transiting north node in Libra, it’s important to invest in your sense of fairness and appreciation of the other without putting all of your energy into getting you and the other on the same page. With the south node in Aries, it’s important to utilize your autonomy, to take initiative, to take action. Or, to put it another way, orient yourself toward relationship and let the other person do the same thing. If you know the houses in your own chart that the nodes are transiting through, you can apply those themes to the Libra/Aries polarity.

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