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The Twelfth House – Your Karmic Closet

The Twelfth House in your natal chart is often referred to by astrologers as the house of past lives, the subconscious and the unseen. I tend to call it your karmic closet because this is where your past life memories come alive. This is where your childhood experiences live. This is where your dreams, and your fears reside.

When we focus our energies on this area of our lives, we can access our inner demons and our angels, and all between. In order to truly understand the mystery of life and why you are here, you must study and understand the 12th house of your chart. The mystery of the 12th house helps us discover our purpose. Folks who study the ancient art of astrology, know the magic hidden here and use the energy to meditate, tap into a higher power and call on their spirit guides and angels. It is an area of your life that is hidden from view to most people; your secret passage to the past and subconscious.

Once a month for about two days, the moon visits your 12th house. This is the most powerful time of the month to enter your karmic closet.

This lunar energy gives you a chance to connect deeply to ancient wisdom and connect with your subconscious. You can tap into your psychic side more easily. It’s a perfect time to meditate. Your dreams are more vivid and prophetic.

The 12th house is the house of karma too and these two and a half days every month, give you a chance to create, heal, pay off and recieve karma. If there is something you need to work on karmically, it it will be presented every month at a time when the moon visits your 12th house. It is different every month. Watch for even the subtle signs as you can pay or recieve on these specific days.

By understanding the grace of the 12th house, you can release old binds/chains from former lifetimes as well as embrace your current life purpose.

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