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Understand Your Boss by Zodiac Sign

Boss, manager, supervisor, team leader – whatever term you use, most of us have one. Whether you love or hate yours, there is no denying that your work place and your work day can be substantially improved by identifying and getting on the right side of your higher-up. Your boss’s Sun sign will tell you a lot about what they like from an employee — and what really ticks them off.

Energy is the key — if you don’t have it, fake it, as only the strong survive. Take notes as they whirl from fire to fire. This boss appreciates employees who not only keep up with them, but also can keep track of Plan A, B, C and D, all the while smoothing the feathers of those they’ve upset along on the way with their intense approach to work.

Taurus appreciates conservatism, well thought out plans, and a staff who can balance the books and work toward goals. Dig deep to root out the underlying cause of problems, avoid disruption and surprises (even good ones), ensure wastage is eliminated and be there with coffee, cake and chocolate when the going gets tough.

Be prepared to listen, use your own initiative and offer up your fair share of gossip. The Gemini boss is big on lots of little details, so they appreciate staff that’s able to offer a big-picture view and willing to take a few risks.

Work as hard as they do, respect the experience they offer and they’ll nurture you and help you grow. If you take them for granted or abuse time-off, they’ll never forget it.

Bask within the warmth of their spotlight, but don’t try and direct it toward yourself, or their generosity will quickly dry up. Leo dislikes gossip and backstabbing, and appreciates loyal staff with innovative and unique ideas. Their charisma will sell it up the line.

Virgo can’t tolerate mess, fuss and disorganization; clean surfaces and splotch-free clothes are expected. Provide them with a pivot table and comprehensive minutes, and try not to be too disheartened by their criticism; it’s generally for your own good. Offer up a vision and let them break it down into digestible details.


Libra likes a social, yet harmonious team environment, so keep intra-office conflicts to a minimum. Whilst relationships are great for coffee gossip, any messy emotional problems should be left at home. The Libra boss appreciates staff who always look their best and are prepared to fight their battles. This boss will step in to calm the waters once the storm has passed.

Show the data, provide the proof and don’t bother trying to manipulate the Scorpio boss. If you can accept that they’re rarely wrong, understand that they rarely forgive and provide the stability they need, they will never tell you that they need, Scorpio can, in return, transform your career.

Sagittarius’s vision is too great to be confined in a partition on single task issues, so allow an Archer boss the freedom to roam and just get on with it. Offer them honesty, integrity and take away the details they can’t be bothered with. Then sit back, strap in and enjoy the ride!

Offer reliability and dedication, respect seniority and experience, and play by the rules. Capricorn can’t abide lateness, immaturity, clock watchers or staff with ideas above their station or a disregard for history. The workplace is not a runway, so save your mini-skirt, bling and cleavage for evenings; they don’t impress the Capricorn boss.

Aquarius appreciates ideas, innovation and a view towards the greater good. Brainstorming sessions are great, heavy and personal emotional discussions are not. The phrase “because we have always done it this way” should not be used … ever.

Listen to their dreams and help make their vision reality with achievable goals and organized task planning. Pretend you don’t notice when they gaze out the window. If they trust you, they will assume that you will not abuse that trust. Do the right thing by them and they will pick you up when you are down.

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