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Uranus In Pisces

Uranus in Pisces

This can be a blending of the mystical and intangible with ingenious mental ability. You will tend to care about everyone without becoming overly involved. Platonic friendship is an important element in everything you do. You tend to refuse to follow any set pattern or rules of any kind. You refuse to be limited or tied down. At the same time, you have a judgmental but detached view. You want to know as well as feel. You are likely to cover much territory in your life time because experience is also very important. You are curious about the consequences of any action. Escapes for you should be educational.

While Uranus transited this sign, the film industry was introduced to the world. Ghandhi was actively spreading his message of nonviolent resistance, resulting in the arrest of thousands. The world was in an affluent period just prior to the great depression. Those born at this time were idealists who actively worked to increase technological development at an unprecedented rate. The welfare state was promoted by this generation.

Personally, you believe that the mystical veil can be analyzed and understood by mental effort. Your mind will be intuitive and difficult for others to understand, depending on where Mercury supports the rest of your thought processes. Neptune, during this time, was in Leo and will show more clues as to how this position of Uranus fits into your personal pattern.

If you happen to have an Aquarian Sun you will enjoy a 3 way mutual reception factor. In any event, your life support system will be influenced by the fact that Neptune rules Pisces from Leo. You and your generation for these 7 years have fostered and supported the movement to investigate occult realms. Even if you have managed to stay out of any overt and obvious involvement, you will have and continue to benefit from this support of your ability to blend the tangible with the intangible in order to come up with what will seem to others to be simply pulling information out of the air. You yourself may find this difficult to explain at times.

Here are a few keynotes of Uranus in Pisces. This should NOT be considered an exhaustive list.


  • Spiritual and fine arts inspiration.
  • Religious experiences, miracles.
  • Great advances in oceanography and fish farming, also chemistry and
  • biochemistry, pharmaceuticals, health
  • care, psychology.
  • Very strong intuitive abilities and compassion.

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