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Uranus As Singleton

Chaos, illumined by flashes of lightening. . . . for I have known the lightning’s hour, . . . the certainty of power.

We often find Uranus as a singleton in the charts of highly charismatic personalities. As we go through the examples of famous people, we see a kind of “brightness” or “radiance” about Uranians. There is a quality about them that makes others “sit up and take notice.” Along with charisma is a trickster quality. These people tend to do and say the unexpected; they are surprising and sometimes astonishing. Sometimes they even trick themselves. The Uranian energy pulls the rug out from under all the other planets in the chart. This is especially true when the singleton Uranus is aspected by a personal planet.

Uranus_Planet_Icon 2Many with this singleton have a great talent or genius within a specific area. Working with symbol systems is one of these areas. They can manipulate symbols quantitatively and at speeds far faster than Mercury. This allows rapid assembly of wholes out of parts. Albert Einstein did this with mathematical and physics symbols. There is a positive and negative side to this. Einstein changed physics, but he had difficulty with common everyday thinking. He said, “What normal people can do, I cannot do. But I can do what no normal person ever could.” It has been said he could get lost just taking a walk around the block from his home! Einstein’s Uranus is twice a singleton in the third house of mind and thinking. He also has both Sun and Jupiter as singletons, which no doubt added to his extraordinarily unique genius.

Another potential with Uranus is the iconoclast. Uranus is anti-Saturn (ruler of the sign behind Aquarius), and anti-Sun (ruler of Leo, Aquarius’ opposite). It likes to shatter egos and to tear down structures. It is anti-establishment. The Uranus singleton person seems to have a highly, or overly, developed nervous system. There is a tendency toward wild mood swings. The enjoy pulling the rug out from under other peoples’ sense of self-importance. They also may take pleasure in destroying anything resembling structure. A friend who has a Uranus singleton in the first house calls himself “St. John the Iconoclast.” And he does not know a thing about astrology! He works in construction, doing remodeling. When he rips out an old wall or some other structure, an expression of manic glee comes over his face.

These people tend to have ideas twenty (or more), years ahead of the times. They tend to be futuristic. One woman said she felt as though she had come back in a time machine and got stuck; everything in the world is so slow and primitive!

Uranus can see the whole picture, and does not understand others’ slowness. So, there is a quality of impatience and exasperation about them. This leads them to appear to be authoritarian or totalitarian. Because they see the whole and understand it, they are very impatient and not willing to go back to slow step-by-step explanations. “Do as I say because I know this is the right way!” The other asks, “But why is it?” “Just shut up and do it my way!” Along with this is a kind of tenseness and hyperactive quality. There is a tendency to communicate in odd ways; so others misunderstand them. They may go from point A to point D without bothering to explain points B and C. In childhood; they may be classified as “learning disabled.” When the Uranian urge is denied or repressed, it comes as jolting kinds of awareness, shocking revelations and shattering events.

The ladies with Uranus singletons seem to have earned their name and fame and place in history on the basis of that singleton. Their careers, their life-styles and choices bear the stamp of Uranus.

Linda Tripp, with Uranus twice a singleton (only Water, only Personal sign), in the 7th house of significant others, public relations, and legal matters, certainly has earned her place in history as the “girl-friend from hell.” The relationship with Monica during the months of taping telephone conversations would be considered a seventh house relationship, a very close confidante. The seventh house is also the house of “open enemies.” Linda may have thought she had enemies; she certainly was one. And Linda certainly did pull the rug out from under her friend Monica, and brought shocking revelations to the rest of the country! Who knows what stories her ex-husband might have to tell! Linda came to public attention in 1993 because she was the last person to have seen Vincent Foster alive before his mysterious death by “suicide.” That year her progressed Mercury in Aquarius (disposed of by the natal Uranus singleton), went on station retrograde and two years later her progressed Venus in Aquarius did the same! Progressed Venus was opposite the natal Pluto singleton (more on that in a later chapter). Those were the years when the jolts and shocks began.

The infamous Tokyo Rose, a.k.a. Iva Toguri D’Aquino, found herself stuck in Japan when war broke out in 1941. Considered an “enemy alien,” she was not allowed to leave. To support herself, she took a job broadcasting in English to the allied forces. Basically, she was a disc jockey; her introductions to musical numbers were Japanese propaganda. After the war she was tried and convicted for treason; in 1977 she received a presidential pardon. The Uranus singleton is the focal point of a Yod including Mars in Virgo in the 2nd house sextile Saturn in Cancer in the 12th. The Yod symbolizes a paradoxical situation, in this case a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t.” She had to earn a living (Mars in the second), in Japan; they would not allow her to leave. She was forced to broadcast propaganda which got her imprisoned (Saturn in Cancer in the 12th), when she returned home at war’s end. Uranus, in the house of “open enemies,” signifies the Japanese and symbolizes her unusual “collaboration” with them.

A bright and enterprising peasant girl, Jeanne Bécu, a.k.a. Mme. Du Barry, rose to a position of great power and influence in the years before the Déluge, the French Revolution. She became the mistress of King Louis XV of France in 1768 following the death of his other favorite, the equally famous Mme. De Pompadour. Jeanne was 33 years the King’s junior, but she managed to influence him in such a way as to secure herself a position of power in the French Royal Court even after his death. However, even her renowned social genius (Uranus in the 5th), could not save her from suffering the same fate as Queen Marie Antoinette. Both lost their heads under the guillotine.

Our own Zipporah Dobyns has immortalized herself in the annals of Astrology. Her Uranus (the Astrologer’s planet), singleton is the only planet in a Universal sign and house. It resides in its own 11th house of like-minded others. For many years she has taught and networked in the field of Astrology. She has a perfect background for an Astrologer. She holds a B.A. degree in Anthropology and a Ph.D. in Psychology. Her Virgo stellium can most likely be credited for the degrees.

Another man, who like Albert Einstein has both Sun and Uranus as singletons, is Paramahansa Yogananda. He was a lifelong celibate mystic from Calcutta, India. He was a world traveler from a young age in his spiritual quest. He taught, lectured and carried eastern philosophy to the West. He founded the Self-Realization Fellowship that still teaches his techniques of Kriya Yoga meditation. During his lifetime, he was known for his amazing charisma and friendliness toward everyone. Einstein, too, associated in a friendly egalitarian way with people. Neither man was a stranger anywhere! There are disciples still learning and practicing Yogananda’s teachings throughout the world today. His books and lessons are still popular. He passed away (mahasamadhi), in 1952 at age 59. Uranus rules his 7th house of public relations and is posited in the 3rd house of communication. The house of public reputation and posthumous fame, the 10th, contains his two other generational, transpersonal planets, the Neptune-Pluto conjunction in Gemini. He communicated (Gemini), and publicized the power (Pluto), of the spiritual life (Neptune).

One of the late Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, Earl Warren, was three times elected governor of California. Although a Republican, he was a liberal and influential officer in a time when that was possible. The only shadow on his brilliant career were the findings, or non-findings, of the suspect Warren Commission that was intended to put to rest the J.F.K. assassination.

Another political personality, George Wallace, has a Uranus singleton in the 8th house of transformation through life-and-death crisis. He was a virulent segregationist in the 1960’s when he, too, was a three-time governor of Alabama. After a bullet wound from an assassination attempt paralyzed him, his attitudes gradually shifted toward a more compassionate outlook.

Finally, we have Alice Cooper, an American rock star famed for his flamboyant make-up and the weird stage effects in his entertainment productions. He is our archetypal “poster boy” for the Uranus singleton! Uranus is the only planet in a personal sign, Gemini, placed in the 9th house of philosophy and advertising. He advertised all things Uranian.

In next article we will look at the traits, charts, and lives of mystical, magical, Neptune singletons. Though some may be illumined and many are deluded, there is always something romantic and “gothic” about a personality with a Neptune singleton.

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Wallace Rose DuBarry Dobyns Yogananda Warren Cooper


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Eleanor Buckwalter has studied, practiced and taught astrology in Los Altos, CA for more than twenty-five years, including three years with the late Richard Idemon, a psychological astrologer. Her primary astrological focus of interest is parent-child relationships and family dynamics.

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