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Uranus Transits

The process of reflecting on the meaning of suffering and painful experiences becomes especially important when we contemplate the influence of the outer, trans-saturnian planets, which summon us to radical self-transformation.

The process begins with Uranus, which represents our urge to rebel against cultural customs, to break free of convention, the past, to become agents of change. There are times when we are drawn toward goals or pursuits that are not culturally acceptable or normative. Uranus challenges us to take risks to be authentic to our life’s purpose.

According to Rudhyar, under the influence of Uranus we can become focusing agencies through which what constitutes at any time the next step for humanity becomes visible. A housewife from Nebraska consulted with me about her extraordinary metamorphosis. Transiting Uranus was conjunct natal Mercury and square Neptune in her 1st house. She was experiencing a kundalini awakening and having visions of her past lives. She was studying metaphysics and had a gift not only for understanding spiritual teachings but also for communicating them (Mercury) to others. She began to lead Church groups in her community, teaching 12 Step principles, meditation, prayer, and visualization. She spontaneously stepped into the role of teacher. She lived in a very conservative community, yet people began flocking to hear her discourses. Some of her friends were shocked but she clearly struck a chord in others, judging by the immediate and continuing positive response she received. She took her small town by storm, becoming an inspiring teacher.

This is a classic example of the way that dazzling light may be released through a person responding to Uranus. In our own small ways we act as ambassadors of the future, expressing new ideas, syntheses, and discoveries that may one day be more widely accepted and become incorporated within the mainstream culture (symbolized by the rings of Saturn).

Under the influence of Uranus, we may feel on the fringes of the dominant culture, yet we are acting as agents and harbingers of the future. The future begins to become real through us, through our experiments and innovationsówhen we are bold enough to live our freedom now, irregardless of social condemnation, stigmatization, or incomprehension. Uranus frees us from bondage to convention. It is impersonal in attitude, seemingly impervious to criticism or doubt. The task simply must be done. It is the will of the universe, and we are the instruments for carrying out its intentions.

Under the influence of Uranus, we may suddenly notice that activities we are involved with are in some way on the cutting edge. Jenn, a nurse with transiting Uranus conjunct her midheaven, was unexpectedly introduced to products that use the subtle energy of magnets to alleviate musculo-skeletal imbalances such as spinal misalignments, and for circulatory problems. The magnets have also proven to be quite effective in alleviating carpal tunnel syndrome, which afflicts thousands of people. Jenn believes that this is a revolutionary technology that could radically impact health care. She has become a distributor of these products and changed her career entirely within the space of a monthóUranus is rapid change! She is selling large numbers of these magnets to doctors who are becoming open to new alternatives. The culture is ready for change, and those who are aligned with Uranus can become agents of social transformation.

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