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Using Astrology to Become Prosperous

Ten Steps to Prosperity is based on the idea that the amount of money in the bank – or investment or pension fund – is not the whole story. Financial health is probably better defined in terms of our attitude towards the money we have rather than the absolute amount of money.

And just as a company may have invisible assets in its balance sheet such as “goodwill” and “know-how” – so we might look at the intangible assets in our own lives. We may even find they are more valuable than the shiny new car on the front drive

While it might be theoretically possible to put a monetary value on a good friend who will support us through an emotional crisis (£50 per hour therapy substitute?) or who lets us live rent-free when we have had a painful marital separation (one bedroom at £130 per week plus share of bills?) this only tells part of the story. The love and friendship that is exchanged at such times takes the transaction into a different league.

The assets which we have – our money, our possessions, our friends, our personal gifts – what is their purpose? What is our purpose? Suppose that we are not on this planet simply as a result of some chance collision between a sperm and an egg. Suppose, instead, that we are here to develop our unique gifts – the combination of qualities that each of us possesses in a different combination from anyone else – and then give these gifts to the world.

Prosperity can be defined as having the resources to achieve our life’s purpose.

As we achieve that purpose, we obtain undreamed of fulfilment and have all the prosperity we could possibly want; many of the things we thought we needed to make us happy then drop away from our “wish list.”

Our attitude to money has to be resolved as part of this work. The spiritual world which so many yearn to know can be better appreciated once the physical world has been mastered and the psychological world fully integrated – while money may be meaningless in the angelic realms it is harder to get there if you are constantly worrying about how to pay the rent.

All too often, prosperity is confused with having unlimited money. At the same time, the trap of “spiritual poverty” lies in wait. The challenge is to combine an enjoyment of the material world with the grace of the spiritual world.


1. Acknowledge the Higher Power (Neptune)

This is also the first step in the twelve step programme for addiction recovery. Acknowledge that the Higher Power is able and willing to help you. Once we turn our lives over to that Higher Power we are on the way to prosperity. progress can be made. As long as we persist with the illusion that we can do it all ourselves we stay stuck in the rut of poverty whether it is poverty of money, time, love or anything else. Give thanks for ten things every morning before you get up.

2. Allow Genius to Enter Your Life (Uranus)

In order to do this we have to make ourselves empty. We must retreat before we go forward. Once we step back from day to day problems there is a gap in which an alternative solution can be found. Take a long bath each day with no interruptions, go for a five mile walk on your own or make a week long retreat to a monastery. These are examples; what is possible depends on your circumstances. The stroke of genius will come – if you allow it.

3. Understand the Past, Present and Future (Saturn)

Got a problem? Identify how you got there and agree with yourself not to make the same mistake again. This is also where you anchor the new ideas that are arising in Step 2. What are the consequences of making those happen? What action is needed? You don’t have to accept every new idea that comes into your head. Some may just be plain crazy. They are probably the best.

4. Give Generously (Jupiter)

Give in three ways – to God, to yourself and to others – in that order. Consider the practice of tithing i.e. giving away one tenth of your income (start with less if one tenth sounds too scary) each week, month or year to sources who inspire you. This can be a spiritual teacher, an author of a spiritually inspiring work or a minister of the Church (provided you find them truly inspirational). The practice is detailed in the Biblical books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy and was based on Jacob’s vow that he would make this payment in return for God’s protection.

Giving to yourself is also vital. It is often the step which people miss out because they believe that they do not deserve pleasure. People are often surprised to find the Bible contains a specific instruction to do this.

Then you can give to others – friends, family, charities, whoever.

5. Cut the Dead Wood (Mars)

This is the time to break down and the time to pluck up that which is planted – as it says in the book of Ecclesiastes. Get rid of all the things that you don’t need. Half used paintbrushes, the football strip you wore when you were fifteen, the letters from old lovers you wish to forget, the electric toothbrush you won in a raffle which you never liked using – they all must go. This is where your resolve is tested, do you mean to get prosperous or do you not? As you clear the physical clutter you will find yourself releasing emotions and thoughts that are also past their sell-by date.

6. Follow Your Bliss (Sun)

This phrase was coined by the great mythologist Joseph Campbell. If you are a marketing executive who wants a singing career – try it. We more often regret the things we didn’t do than the things we did. We are all here for a specific purpose and to use our specific gifts. We may not know our life’s purpose at the age of five (although Mozart probably did) but by following our heart’s desire in each moment we will be drawn ever closer to it.

As we share our unique gifts we will become so fulfilled that we are more prosperous than we ever thought possible. One proviso. Try not to hurt other people in the process but be aware that when you follow your bliss and others around you don’t, you will be making waves. Stand back and let the waters calm down. Trust.

7. Think Positive, Do Positive, Be Positive (Venus)

If we don’t make a conscious effort to fill our minds with positive thoughts then we will simply get the old negative thoughts coming back to revisit us out of habit – they know there has always been a welcoming space for them so you can’t blame them for trying to re-enter. Combat this by using affirmations such as “I give thanks for a quick and substantial increase in my financial income now” or “I am rich, well and happy and every phase of my life is in divine order now” (Catherine Ponder).

8. Monitor Your Progress (Mercury)

This doesn’t mean you have to set up a corporate accounting system but you do need to know how you are progressing. Most Chief Executives have daily or weekly reports of key statistics and their desks are notably clear of paper. If you’re setting up as an aromatherapist, decide how many clients you want each week and compare this with the number you actually see. If you’re selling silk ties keep a record of which colour sells best so that you buy the right inventory the following week.

9. Check Your Image (Moon)

Does your image reflect who you truly are? Getting prosperous means making conscious decisions all the time. Are you happy with the clothes you are wearing, the house in which you are living, the car you drive. These are all outer aspects of yourself. Great spiritual leaders may be able to look straight into your soul but most people will form their impressions from how you present yourself.

10. Receive the Prosperity (Earth)

It may sound simple but many people do all the previous steps and then can’t believe their good luck when exactly what they want falls into their lap. If someone compliments you on something, accept it with thanks and don’t worry about having to explain or justify. If someone gives you something, accept the gift with gratitude. If you don’t need it you can always give it away as part of step five above. Enjoy what you have manifested, give thanks for the process and you can start over to bring yourself even more prosperity.

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