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Valentine's Tips for Chinese Zodiac Signs

Valentine’s Tips for Chinese Zodiac Signs

A fresh approach to showing love at Valentine’s Day – Astrology Club has tips for each Chinese Zodiac sign!  


Thank your Rat lover for protecting and loving you so exclusively. And remember to say thanks as well for making you laugh and for providing for your well being and those of the ones you both love. Though your Rat mate may seem calm and collected, inside they are nervous as cats. Presents? Give your favorite Rat luxuries. Elegant, expensive foods they can stash in the pantry and trot out when company arrives out of nowhere. Silken garments, front row seats at the opera or the ballet and bottles of finest old French vintage wines.


You can thank your Ox lover by praising them for their diligence and hard work.Thank them for always being ready to listen and wait while you vent your innermost feelings.Don’t mention that sometimes you find them a tad stodgy. But do thank them profusely for their efficient (if rather standardized) lovemaking practices. For Oxen, the best gifts are those of your time. Spend hours working alongside them whilst they paint a fence or build a rabbit hutch. Read the paper with them on the couch for an entire week. If you must, buy your Ox a very plain garment. No frills or furbelows. Classic and long-lasting.


Tiger lovers appreciate the little things in life. You can thank your Tiger by showing them sweet demonstrations of affection. Pat them on the head (or the fanny) when you walk by them in the house. Cuddle them spoon style in bed at night. Whisper sweet nothings in both of their ears and always remind them how beautiful you think they are. Leave out the part about how they are never available when you need them.) Tigers are always on the move so for Valentine’s Day, offer your Tiger a new suitcase, a spiffy wallet for carrying passports, visas and other travel necessities.


To thank your Cat/Rabbit sweetheart for their love and affection, tell them how much you respect their manners and good taste. Remind them how remarkable they are at gentle, tender lovemaking. Praise them for their canny handling of money and discreet matters. Presents? This is an easy one. These people worship authenticity. Antique china, silverware, lamps or Persian carpets appeal to their heightened sense of refinement. Or give them a fine Swiss watch or (if your funds are low) dig up a hard-to-find CD of a favorite performing artist from their youth. Nostalgia turns Cat/Rabbits on – big time!


To say thank you to your Dragon lover on Valentine’s Day, start the day by applauding them as they exit the bedroom and head for the john. Dragons, as you know by now, are addicted to acclaim and admiration. When your Dragon leaves the bathroom, you can commence telling them how intensely you love them, how you never imagined such a gorgeous creature as they could love you back and how you have never known anyone quite so charming and charismatic. For presents, I advise giving Dragon people either gifts which sparkle and are worth a great deal of money or gifts which have heavy sentimental value – your mother’s engagement ring or a watch your father wore on his wedding day.


To thank your Snake lover, you have to gush. A lot. Snakes need to be told how valuable and sensuous and perfectly beautiful they are. You must tell them – not once or twice – but more like 20 times (once an hour will not suffice) that you adore them. Snakes thrive on attention. So make a point of giving them ALL of your unwavering focus on the this special day. Gifts? You will have no difficulty finding the right gift for your Snake lover because Snakes are enamored of any and everything we call an “accessory”. Choose from silken scarves to fancy underwear to sparkly necklaces, cuff links, earrings or money clips. Favor purchases from chic brand name shops.


Valentine’s Day gives you the perfect excuse to stroke your skittish Horse lover’s ego. Horses can be testy about being touched. They so cherish their independence that the very idea of being caressed gives them the willies. Today you will want to exercise discretion, but lavish attention on your favorite steed anyway. Flatter them. Admire their handiwork and remind them how pleased you are with their energetic, imaginative and satisfying lovemaking. Gifts? Give a Horse tools. Not just hammers and nails. Pens and laptop computers and artist’s supplies will thrill and delight any hardworking talented Horse lover.


Thank your Goat sweetheart for their affection and attention. Remember Goats crave your presence. They want to feel secure in your love and safe about your willingness to support them, to shoulder their woes and bring home any bacon that is wanting. Congratulate your Goat lover on their remarkable ability to seduce and satisfy you in bed. Spend the whole day with your Goat. Share activities and sweet talk them. Goats love pretties – even pretty lies will do. Presents? Give your Goat an item of sentimental value. Something they will always look at and recall that you gave it to them for this Valentine’s Day. It can be a locket, a bracelet, a watch or a very special book. Just make sure it will always remind them of you.


There is always a lot to be thankful for when you have a Monkey lover. Monkeys solve problems. Everybody’s problems. But more particularly yours. So begin your series of thank yous by saying thanks for all the muddles your Monkey has sorted you out of. Then say thanks for all the gifts your Monkey bestows upon you during the year. Mention not a word about your Monkey’s anarchic eating habits. Celebrate the frequent episodes of delightful sex. Gifts? This one is a stumper. Monkeys have everything. You will have to use your noggin to find just the right unusual gift to surprise and delight your Monkey Lover. Oddball gadgets. Books about arcane subjects. Jewelry with a message etched on it.


You can thank your Rooster lover in a million different ways. Roosters stand firm behind their decisions and stick by their lovers. Say thanks to your Rooster by praising them for their efficiencies. For their generosity of spirit and for their kindness to those in need. Thank them too for being so sexually flexible and eager in bed. Thank them for the fine foods they purvey and for their desire to travel any and everywhere to share the wonders of the wide world with you. Buy them presents which improve their appearance. Roosters are all about how they look. Accessories, cashmere sweaters, elegant scarves and solid silver or gold bracelets. Favor quality items which enhance their good looks.


Here is your chance to thank you Dog partner for being so loyal and earnest in their affection for and devotion to you. Your Dog lover is not only a champion in bed, but he is dependable, steadfast and trusty. He or she may not always be 100% faithful. But you won’t have to know about flings or flirtations. Dogs are discreet. Make a special effort to keep your Dog company on Valentine’s Day. Take them for a long walk, stop someplace for a drink, chat amiably about this and that. If you want to give your Dog a present, choose something utilitarian or buy them a book about their favorite cause. Dogs are mostly no frills people for whom less is more.


Congratulate your Pig lover on their victories past and present. Thank them profusely for all the services they render, how many meals they cook, beds they make, buttons they sew on and roofs they repair without even being asked. Pigs love to serve and give inventive presents to their lovers and friends. Ask a Pig a favor and he or she will do you ten. You will have no difficulty finding reasons to say thank you – especially for the lascivious luscious sex and the Pig’s ever charming conviviality. A fine present for a Pig is an airline ticket to somewhere culturally fascinating: a trip to New York or Paris to visit all the museums and take in three operas and a ballet. Pigs are culture vultures… indulge them.

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