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Venus In Aquarius

Venus in Aquarius:

Friendship is the most important relationship to these people and they may put it even before marriage, so your best bet is to befriend them before thinking of a relationship. And no restrains, please! This placement loves freedom and personal space. Whoever invented open relationships probably had Venus in Aquarius!

You have a unique taste in partners, usually in preference of the intellectual type. May attract very different, strange and unique people into your life. Women in your life tend to be androgynous, independent and kind of on the feminist side, blurring out gender boundaries, and also very intelligent.

This position grants a wealth of material abundance and ability with a need for someone to share and develop it with. These people tend to pile up both good ideas and material abundance but can’t be bothered attaching themselves to people who literally contaminate their freedom and genius ability. You prefer to, more or less, live in the wild, for fear you will be restricted from pursuing some flight of fancy by having to include someone else in your plans.

Most of the time, you fail to realize the benefits from relationships. In most cases, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to find someone who fits comfortably into your free wheeling routine. You really need a buddy not a sweetheart. Any romance will have to include a sharing of ideas and a curiosity compatible with your own. Platonic relationships are the only kind you will keep for any length of time. Even in this case, it must be unfettered.

With the right kind of relationship your real genius can be put to good use. In most cases, this doesn’t happen, largely due to cultural demands of responsibility. You must be able to write your own ticket with self-imposed discipline of a truly responsible nature in order to be successful.

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