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Venus In Aries

Venus in Aries:

Venus in Aries prefers a direct and upfront attitude towards relationships, easily bored and needs constant stimulation. And by simulation it could also mean small fights and even a little sexual aggression (i don’t think it would go overboard).

Changing your hairstyle and looks often can work very well to charm them, that’s why I believe they’re good with Venus in Gemini. If the stimuli is not here, they won’t be here either.

Likes to wear the pants in the relationship, whether they’re male or female. Can get very impatient with love matters, therefore is easily manipulated. The women in your life (and the women you prefer if you were male) tend to be masculine, aggressive and even tomboyish. Will put yourself first in the relationship.

The aesthetic taste is usually the standard (alpha male and alpha female), but I’ve also noticed that guys with this placement also like tomboys, probably a taste acquired from interacting with the women of the family, especially if the moon was in aries or aspecting mars.

This placement is prone to cheating, not because they are bad, it’s just that they need stimulus. I find their brash, direct and sometimes unsophisticated ways in love a breath of fresh eair in the manipulative fields of relationships.

An unhappy position for Venus the planet of attracting and holding all that is glamorous, comfortable, secure and enduring in the sign which takes the lead in aggressiveness, waste, action for action’s sake, high energy and movement, Venus is hard put to adjust enough to find a comfortable place.

You are driven to look outward to find what you need and want. You find it difficult to simply wait for your attraction to bring you what you need and want. This aggressiveness is unbecoming to Venus and you lose some of your ability to hold by letting go to pick up something else. It makes for a gay, active, charming and exciting life in which you are constantly in search for something better than what you already possess.

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