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Venus In Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn:

Shy and reserved, but is romantic in its own little old school way. This placement is particularly nice for men as it makes them very marriage oriented, or at the very least in preference of serious relationships that LEAD to marriage. Very protective and loving, and a firm believer in practical romance, doing little gestures that show great respect. Very likely to “father” your partner if you are male, or attract fatherly figure lovers as a female.

May work too hard in good intentions to provide, so you need to remind yourself to take a break. You also may take love too seriously like a duty and forget to enjoy it. Very loyal as they will feel too guilty to cheat! If they do, it will be a last resort with alot of remorse. The women in your life are very hardworking and dead serious, motivating their men and children, as well as themselves, to work as hard as they can.

You are attracted strongly by the good (artistic, cultural, musical etc.) things in life. Yet you are reserved, cool, suspicious and imprisoned by doubts and fear of the unreliability of finesse and subtlety. Your need and desire for a full expression of love and affection is caught and restrained by an awareness of the need also for security and wisdom.

Venus here is proper, well structured to follow the letter of the law and protocol. Usually, there is a large discrepancy in age with a marriage partner. You do not blindly fall in love. You consider what is happening. You only truly love what you also respect. Marriage usually comes late in life and then only to someone you have checked out to be worthy of your trust. Once you have committed yourself you will follow every path necessary to maintain loyalty and devotion.

This position of Venus may dust off most of the glamour but it also keeps you from some of the painful morning afters also. It is possible in some cases that this position will be much less severe and perhaps provide only a very protective balance to something else in your chart. Be that as it may, this position can save you much pain. If you can deal consciously with this influence, like everything else it can be as helpful as you make it. The degree Venus is on may also give you clues as how best to use this influence.

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