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Venus Conjunct Pluto

Venus – Pluto Conjunction

Except where other important aspects are present, people with the conjunction have no picture of relationship other than a Plutonian one – they can’t conceive of love without intensity, without power being an issue, without passion, without finances and resources entering into the match, perhaps without a battle for control, and, on the positive side, without transformation.

This is the most powerful of the Venus-Pluto aspects (perhaps of all Venus aspects, period), as their partnerships are like nuclear fusion. Where other fulfillment is lacking, they may have a sense that they will die without love, that they can’t survive its loss, and thus they can be obsessed with it. Surmounting the personal love-obsession level, these can also be great, passionately-committed healers with good hearts – as we saw with John Bradshaw and Arthur Janov.

The table that follow show only a few individuals who most seem to typify the particular aspect, but the descriptions list additional celebrities who have it.

Table of Venus-Pluto Conjunction
Jose Feliciano Singer 2.1 13 LE, 10th 11 LE, 10th
John Bradshaw Self-Help Guru 2.9 25 CN, 3rd 22 CN, 3rd
Sarah Ferguson Duchess 2.9 8 VI, 10th 5 VI, 9th
Robert Dole Politician 3.5 14 CN, 3rd 11 CN, 3rd
Antonio Banderas Actor 3.6 1 VI, 6th 5 VI, 6th

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