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The Venus Cycle

How The Cycles Of The Planet Venus Influences People

How can the cycles of the planet Venus influences people here on earth? All the planets in our solar system travel in orbit around the sun and some travels faster than others. Venus is the second closest planet to the Sun and takes approximate 224.7 days to orbit the Sun. It is a very hot planet with a temperature of 461o C all year around and therefore has no season like we have here on planet Earth.

In astrology we believe that the planets, the Sun and the Moon have a strong influence on everything here on planet Earth and that we can adjust our lives according to the movements and cycles of the planets. The planet Venus is what we call one of the personal planets which are known as the planet of love, pleasure and the beauty we see in everything. In astrology it represents the feminine aspect of a person just as Mars represent the masculine side to a person.

Venus takes about a year to orbit the Sun

At the time of your birth the planet Venus was placed in one of the star signs in your horoscope and when ever the planet return to this position in its transit around the Sun it has completed a full cycle of your horoscope. It takes about a year to travel through your astrology chart and is then ready to start a new cycle around the Sun.

However in its transit around the Sun it also passes over all your other planets in your horoscope which will activate the energy of each individual planet. This can affect you in a way that you may want to question your sense of worth and what you value in your life.

Venus is the goddess of love and when ever you are under the influence of this planet it will challenge you to become the free spirit you want to be deep down. In the past you may have tried to hard to please others and in doing that you blocked out your own sense of joy and happiness. The real joy and happiness comes from a deep love in your heart for yourself and your life. When you start to pay attention to these deep feelings then you have a much better chance to design your destiny.

Venus and the cycle of a relationship

In a relationship we often pick a person that represents something we admire in the other person and would like this quality for ourselves. In a relationship we learn from each other and in some cases when we have learned what we needed to learn from the other person then the relationship no longer have the same attraction.

For instance you may be in a relationship that you are not really happy with or you may have a friendship that you have outgrown and your values have changed and you need to move on. The friends that you were involved with are no longer serving you any good and you want to pay more attention to yourself and your own needs.

Venus – Money and your financial affairs

Venus can also influence the awareness of your financial affairs and you may start to think of ways to improve your resources. Money comes under the planet Venus so when you are under the influence of a transit from this planet then it is a good time to reach out and extend any income of resources as much as you possible can.

This planet never travels far from the Sun it is either in the same sign or in the sign before or after. If you don’t already know where Venus is in your astrology chart then you can find out here so you can take advantages of any opportunity that is coming your way when the Cycle of the planet Venus is in a favourable aspect to your natal planets.

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