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Venus In Gemini

Venus in Gemini

This position of Venus indicates a surface vivaciousness in your personality and actions. You are able to put on a good show, thereby attracting and fooling your audience into thinking there is more depth to your feelings than actually is there. You cover a lot of territory, displaying your vast experience to advantage.

However, when you fool other people you fool yourself as well. As Venus progresses into another sign or house you may also begin to feel a lack of depth. You may feel that you have missed much that life has to offer by not sinking more deeply into situations you have been able to skip lightly over.

It will help if your Sun occupies one of the adjoining signs. Although this will only make you more aware of the real situation. You will have to make up for what this innate position of Venus grants you. As each of the transits touch this position you will learn to adjust what you really want out of life from your accumulated experience.

Very flirtatious and may love a couple of people simultaneously (I would even dare to say that the love to both may be genuine). Venus in Gemini attracts good looking mercurian women that come in and out of your life very fast. May have a bit of a shallow taste.

Also really loves verbal communication, Venus in Gemini really enjoys a good chat and a display of intelligence. Loves erotic text messaging and phone calls, as well as dirty talking. And will have plenty of tricks up their sleeves. May indicate bisexuality, as well as Mars in Gemini.

If you want to capture the heart of someone with this placement, you need to be able to talk about everything and have well rounded knowledge. You can also stimulate them by sharing random links, jokes or trivia with them.

And yes, Venus in Gemini really loves a good laugh. Artistically speaking, it communicates beautifully as a poet or a vocalist. If your partner is a Venus in Gemini, try to tolerate some innocent flirting (as annoying as it can get), but be wary if you want a traditional commitment as this placement is also prone to “cheating”.

Sharp, bright wit and sparkle and a boundless curiosity about life and other people, are your trademarks. You love fashion -and anything that glitters – and would do well in the media. No one is more fun to be with, but others can find it tricky to keep up. Gemini is often called the zodiac’s butterfly, which means that when it comes to love, you can find it hard to settle for one person.

Venus in Gemini is friendly and warm-hearted, but because you can, and do, charm anyone you choose to, others see you as flirtatious, even fickle. Well, you can be, but then you really cannot help it, as a thirst for knowledge and experience is what drives you.

You like to get to know as many people as you can. And you can be prone to wild enthusiasms for people you soon tire of. Anyone who fails to interest or amuse you is a non-starter, either as a friend or lover. But when you find someone who understands your need for freedom – and who is happy to spend half the night up talking – you will give them everything you’ve got. Even when you fall for someone, domestic bliss, (not to mention household chores), is not your thing. But then, you are the life and soul of the party, so what can they expect?

Love and Relating for Venus in Gemini person- Venus in Gemini Compatibility

Remember that someone may show strong Gemini or Taurus traits, perhaps because they have the Moon or Venus here, but have the Sun in quite another zodiac sign.

Venus in Gemini Compatibility with fiery, pioneering Aries:
Whirlwind meets tornado: their impulsive and spontaneous nature puts them on your wavelength, but maintaining the fast tempo could prove tricky.

Venus in Gemini Compatibility with down to earth and loyal Taurus:
At first you are attracted by their sensuous, voluptuous nature, but it could prove too much of a good thing, and you can find them fixed and slow.

Venus in Gemini Compatibility with quick-witted, restless Gemini:
You both like to have loads of fun. Great communication and mental rapport, but hard to unwind and find the time to spend alone together!

Venus in Gemini Compatibility with sensitive, maternal Cancer:
You like to go out. They like to stay in. So not much contact, and you can find them clingy, although you could appreciate their protective, caring nature.

Venus in Gemini Compatibility with dramatic and romantic Leo:
A dynamic combination. You are both extroverts, but you could find them just a bit too hot to handle- and too interested in their own image.

Venus in Gemini Compatibility with cool, realistic Virgo:
They can earth you- and spend hours talking. Even if you find them a bit fussy, look on the bright side- they can do the housework!

Venus in Gemini Compatibility with romantic and sophisticated Libra:
Orchids, candlelight, romance, you’ll love their, elegance and charm- and soft sweet-talk- but is it you, or Love, they are in love with?

Venus in Gemini Compatibility with intense, passionate Scorpio:
They are loyal, passionate and sultry : watch your step, and don’t get in too deep with them unless you really mean it, or you could regret it.

Venus in Gemini Compatibility with adventurous, idealistic Sagittarius:
They are even more adventurous than you are, both in life and love. You can reach the wilder shores of almost anywhere with them, but will it last?

Venus in Gemini Compatibility with reserved and loyal Capricorn:
They are rock-solid- and reserved, which could be a relief, as you like to keep deep feelings at arm’s length- but don’t expect too much frivolity and fun.

Venus in Gemini Compatibility with idealistic and free-thinking Aquarius:
You like their laid-back, unconventional approach, and you respect each others’ need for space and freedom. A chance to find a real soul-mate.

Venus in Gemini Compatibility with sensitive and dreamy Pisces:
You could find them far too emotional- and sentimental- for your liking, but their sympathy could soothe and comfort you when you are stressed.

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