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Venus In Cancer

Venus in Cancer

This position of Venus grants a very sensitive, attractive, subtle and emotional love nature. You would like to just sit and ooze attraction to pull others to you from a rather safe secluded place.

Venus is very powerful in this position. The affections are liquefied and magnetic. The individual attracts what is wanted rather than aggressively seeking to obtain the desires of the heart. With this position, you tend to be a clinging vine interested primarily in home and children.

Your affections are reserved for those close to you, preferably within your own home circle. You are loyal, seductive and demonstrable. Your sensitivity produces an interest in the occult and psychic abilities. This involves you in foggy areas where your imagination plays a large role. It would lend glamour to acting.

Very loving and nurturing, but prone to smother and parent their significant others too much which can be a turn off, so be careful! This is a sweet placement, may be a talented cook and show creativity through cooking and home decoration, as well as art and music as it is a great outlet for their emotional vulnerability.

Very nostalgic and has an old and traditional taste. Loyal and loves family life. Be careful of attracting dependent people! Venus in cancer people remember all the fond little details of their lovers and time spent with them, incredibly loyal as well.

You also are very sensitive and moody. Try not to be too clingy with your lovers and give them space.At the same time, try to avoid clingy types that would feed on your sympathy! The women in your life are very protective and mother like, truly feminine and comforting.

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