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Venus In The Fixed Signs


“Spiritual” refers not only to experiences traditionally considered religious, but to all states of awareness, all the human functions and activities which have as the common denominator the possession of values higher than average–values such as the ethical, the aesthetic, the heroic, the humanitarian, and the altruistic.

Roberto Assagioli – Synthesis–The Realization of the Self

Venus self worthIn this article, I would like to examine Venus from a number of different perspectives so that our approach to the understanding of this kindly and beautiful sphere is broadened both in terms of our individual life and the collective life of humanity.

Venus represents first and foremost the principle of fusion. As the majority of people are seeking to fuse and thus merge with the object of their desires, Venus is most well known in only these two of her many guises.

As the ruler of Libra, she is the “Goddess of Love”, revealing through her position in our natal horoscope, the path to partnership, personal love, relationship and marriage. It is through this sign that Venus represents the urge to merge with people.

As the ruler of Taurus, she is the “Goddess of Wealth”, expressing via her placement in our chart, our relationship to money, possessions, and the nature of our personal magnetism that attracts such riches into our lives. It is through this sign that Venus signifies the urge to merge with form. But these are only the most obvious and simplest manifestations of a very complex planetary being, one whose importance at this time in human history is paramount.

The relationship Venus has to Gemini

At the outset of this article, I mentioned that Venus represents the energy of fusion. Let us return to this concept and see it from the relationship Venus has to Gemini.

In traditional astrology, if a person has Venus in Gemini in the natal chart, he or she is usually cautioned about having more than one intimate relationship at the same time–a situation that is bound to create problems. We are warned by traditional astrological soothsayers, that in love, “Never rely on Gemini”.

But from the soul-centered perspective, Venus in Gemini is, next to Venus in Pisces, the most wonderful position for this planet to have in the natal chart. This is because Venus is the ruler of the Twins from the level of the soul. It is on the level of the soul that the duality of Gemini ceases. What remains is exemplified in the Tarot card for this position (Venus in Gemini). This is “The Lovers” card and indicates through the joining of the male and the female, the union of the two opposites yielding ultimate fusion and oneness. It is here that the relationship between the soul and the personality becomes established. As a result, the soul can communicate with its “shadow” (the personality) and the shadow “in meditation deep” contacts the source of its light, the soul. The eventual marriage between the soul and the personality is now on its way towards completion.

When we consider planetary relationships esoterically, we combine the influences of both the traditional and the soul-centered ruling signs. In the case of Venus, we understand that a soul-centered individual will use the magnetic force of Taurus and the attractiveness of Libra to create relationships for the benefit of humanity, thus linking people to the urgings and intents of their souls. If a soul-centered woman has Venus in Gemini for example, she would use her ability to communicate, her flexibility and her versatility to bring about the externalization of her higher nature so that it might infuse into the quality of all the relationships in her life.

Venus In Esoteric Astrology

Alice Bailey, in her book Esoteric Astrology (the source for much of the initial research and inspiration of this writer), states that it will be through the unfoldment and influence of the Fifth Ray of science and technology that humanity in the New Age will come to know divinity. In our solar system, the Fifth Ray expresses itself through Venus. Thus it is Venus that brings to us another, more esoteric scientific principle. I say “esoteric scientific principle”, for the inner life and spiritual evolution of humanity is founded upon an established structure, externalizing itself scientifically according to the Laws of Manifestation. These are found in The Ancient Wisdom Teachings, of which astrology is a branch.

One of the most important and vital of these Laws, the one administered through Venus is called “The Law of Right Human Relationships.” It is a Law most easily expressed in the Bible by The Golden Rule–Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It is through science and technology, that humanity is learning (with ever increasing urgency) the importance of Right Human Relationships. As a result of the computer and television age, there is hardly a person reading these words who can say that he or she is ignorant of human suffering and oppression, or the effects of man upon nature and nature upon man.

We can see an interplay between Uranus and Venus when we discover that the esoteric ruler of Libra is Uranus. This teaches us a very important lesson in terms of relationships from the level of the soul. It also tells us how we may find our soul-mate. Uranus as the soul-centered ruler of Libra reveals to us that the focus of relationship must be impersonal. We learn from the fusion of Venus and Uranus, that soul-union between two people is not centered on the desires of the personality for emotional and material satisfaction. Both human feelings and our physical form are instable, mutate, die and change. Soul-mating can only occur when each of the mates is focused on the soul!

Venus and the fixed signs

Venus is also known as the planet of self-worth and as such is intimately related to our values. In this respect, Venus is particularly connected to the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius). Whether she is function from the level of the personal or the soul, Venus attracts. There is another saying about Venus among astrologers: “A child of Venus never lacks.” But what we attract to ourselves is very much based upon what we value. As we evolve our consciousness through our spiritual path (which for many is Life itself), our values and the function of Venus in our horoscope, also become increasingly more refined.

Venus In Taurus

The progressions of the signs along the fixed cross, give us a very clear understanding about the unfoldment and evolution of human values. Beginning with Taurus, we find ourselves in a sign in which values are materially based. There is a distinct urge for form. Initially this is the form the body takes when it incarnates. Often people with strong afflictions in the sign Taurus (especially involving Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon) have a weight problem. This is not just limited to the weight of one’s flesh. Afflictions in Taurus, especially with the planets just noted, also gives a weight problem in terms of what we own. People with such planetary challenges accumulate indiscriminately and have a very hard time releasing, giving, sharing or circulating what has been acquired. The net result is that one becomes possessed by one’s possessions–a very normal human problem.

The esoteric ruler of Taurus is Vulcan (found within 8 degrees from the position of the Sun). As the name implies, Vulcan rules volcanoes which always erupt in our lives when our attachments become obsessions, preventing the energy of the higher self/soul from being able to circulate through the personality. Only death and destruction can help. The form must be broken and the life energy which it contains has to be released. If this does not occur, no circulation, no spiraling of the life force, no evolution is possible. Fixity attempts to become permanent and impermanence is the natural way of the material world. Once destruction of the old forms and the values that manifested them takes place, the magnetic power of Venus will once again bring new tests of what we do with our substance (body, money, possessions, etc.).

Venus In Leo

Leo takes us one step further along the Path. It is here that what we value, anchored in the earth of Taurus, expresses and inspires through the fire of the celestial Lion. But what is being expressed? If the Leo nature is anchored in the world of the personality, then all we have is a glorified projection of the lower self. It may wear the robes and crown, carry the orb and the scepter, but in the end, the values projected through the personality-centered Leo are limited in scope and power.

Venus here only attracts to itself the shadow of the sun, never the sun’s heart. A parent fixated in the lower Venus in Leo nature will not be satisfied unless his or her off-spring have the very same life values as himself. Any difference will be interpreted as treachery against king and kingdom, and the child will be exiled by the parent. But if the Heart of the Lion beats through Venus in the horoscope, we then have an individual who expresses the values of the soul. This may be done artistically, through and with children, and even romantically. At this point, the individual is attracting others and is attracted to others and based on the emanation of Rays of pure knowledge, the soul’s knowledge, and what the soul knows is Love.

Venus In Scorpio

The testing point of Venus–and our lives in general–comes through Scorpio, the third of the fixed signs. It is here that all values based on personal desires must be transmuted and transformed. The self that is motivated by the ever incessant need for sensual and emotional satisfaction; the personality that cannot rest unless ever one sees life through the same lens–his own; the ego that demands the other people’s desires bend and conform to his particular beliefs, all of these lower forms of the urge to merge (with ME!) must be destroyed when Scorpio dominates the life. Once this transformation occurs–and it may have already occurred in a previous incarnation–Venus in Scorpio rises to her fullness.

It is then that the individual who has this position in the natal chart, becomes a vehicle for killing off the inferior desires that reside in others, helping them to resurrect the best in themselves. Such a person has already gone through her own process of detachment from those desires that fixate the illusionary sense of separation, thus denying union with the soul. It is when Venus is acting from the level of the soul in Scorpio, that she becomes the healer and the revealer of the inner treasure. She is no longer attached to personal loss, death in relationship has no other meaning to her than as a step towards ultimate liberation.

Scorpio should also be seen as a crossing ground in general for the spiritual seeker. The world of the personality becomes anchored and purified during the passage of the Life Wave through the first six signs. Once we come to Libra, there is a pause: shall I remain in the world of the personality or go forth and accept the challenge of the Path? If the decision in Libra is taken to march on ahead, a great battle must ensue. This is the battle of transformation that takes place in Scorpio. It is here that the aspirant emerges as the disciple, ready to walk the Path (as symbolized by Sagittarius) to the Mountain of Initiation found in Capricorn.

Venus In Aquarius

Once the fourth of the fixed signs is reached, Aquarius, the individual must distribute the treasure found through Venus in Scorpio to the masses of people. Venus in Aquarius works to take the process of the evolution of personal values to its last stage. We have anchored and defined what we value through the earth of Taurus, expressed it most personally and creatively in Leo, and transformed and purified our values (and our ego in the process!) through Scorpio. Once we arrive at Aquarius’ door, we are ready for the expansion of our values into tools that benefit the human collective.

A person with Venus in Aquarius who is still centered in the desires and needs of the lower self, will find the urge to distribute and expand expressed as the desire for many friends and often, although not always, a wide variety of love partners as well. At the very least, there is a distinct urge to touch and be touched by everyone until a focus is achieved for one’s social ambitions.

If a person with this position in the natal chart is functioning through a more sociological orientation (a natural expression for Venus in Aquarius), then he or she will seek out group of like-mined individuals with whom one’s values may be channeled into useful humanitarian programs. This may also extend itself into the world of politics and economics as well.

The soul-centered person with Venus in Aquarius is very altruistic and unselfish by nature. Definitely group-oriented and a social visionary, this is a person who will use his or her sensitivity to others in ways that unite people to a common cause for the common good. At times this may entail battles and conflicts with others who walk a more separatist path. We should never confuse the fact of being spiritual with having an easy time in life–quite the contrary!

Soul-centered men and women with Venus in Aquarius have an intimate connection with the planet Jupiter. This is because on the level of the soul, Jupiter rules the Waterman. As Jupiter is also the vehicle for the energy of the Second Ray of Love/Wisdom. Venus in Aquarius on the soul level gives a wonderful ability to be wise and loving in the execution of the Law of Right Human Relations.

Alan Oken

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