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Venus In Leo

Venus in Leo:

Venus in Leo has great warmth and charisma. May love falling in one romance after the other, but once their heart is captured, they become very loyal and loving. When they love they try to show their best side possible, perhaps taking it too far at times.

Has extravagant and “royal” taste, only liking the finest of foods and clothes. Venus in Leo loves to be pampered and treated like a child. Also loves children and attracts youthful lovers. The women in your life can be drama queens:) Needless to say, if you want to win them over, give them lots of attention and compliments, and allow them to do stuff for you to feel heroic.

This position of Venus is rather spectacular. Venus is exalted here because of the affectionate nature of the sign’s vulnerability. Actually, Venus is magnetic and attractive in the sense that it attracts and holds close. Leo is outgoing, extroverted and expressive. The blending of these two in a harmonious pattern manages to pull both influences in the opposite direction in a most effective manner. The magnetism of Venus is lit up and projected outward which increases its effectiveness.

This influence is dramatic, romantic in a display kind of way, wanting to show off the loved one, especially children. This is a good position to aid teaching and working with children. It is artistically creative and expressive. You can hardly avoid being noticed even if this position occurs in the 12th house. In which case it would tend to light up behind the scenes activities. You tend to be in love with love. You may become very disillusioned when you realize your loved ones have feet of clay. This acts much like a Sun-Venus conjunction.

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