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Venus In Libra

Venus in Libra:

High artistic and aesthetic taste, might as well be an artist themselves. This is a good placement as they tend to be strategic and very well balanced and detached in love matters. To them, love is a strategy game. Of course to the cool Venus in libra everything moves slowly and carefully, with great detachment, often leaving their lovers boiling with anticipation. It is no wonder that librans have captured so many hearts then! They can be a designer or an architect, something that deals with intellectual and higher aesthetics.

This position for Venus is becoming more and more uncomfortable as Libra’s influence is evolving. It is worse if it accompanies a Libra Sun. In this case you are blinded by a desire for perfection.

In any case, you are very sensitive, particularly where relationships are involved. It means that you have extreme difficulty in dealing with any ugliness or pollution which really abounds at the present time. You want to make everything beautiful and harmonious but do not have the strength to deal with things that need to be dealt with in a very positive and powerful manner.

You have difficulty believing anything bad about anyone. When you are convinced of anyone’s incorrigibleness, you simply want to eliminate that person from your environment rather that dealing with the realities of the situation. This is very hard on the kidneys. There are just too many things you are unable to fix or even do anything about.

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