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Venus – Mars Aspects

Mars and Venus:

The harmonious blending of these two planets results in a “celestial marriage” of the most beautiful sort. It is here that the union of sexuality and love bring about the evolution of personal consciousness. There is the stimulation of a positive relationship between the solar plexus chakra and the Third Eye. This brings our sub-conscious instinctual patterns up to the level of conscious thought and objective awareness. The result is personal healing and self-empowerment.

The more difficult aspects (conjunction, square, opposition) bring about sensual and social conflicts as there is an intensification of personal magnetism that can give rise to all sorts of astral glamours (such as the need to be sought after and desired). This is especially the case when these two planets are in conjunction. Yet in some more highly developed men and woman, the conjunction indicates that this battle has been won and that a new phase of our orientation to human relationships has begun.

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