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Venus – Neptune Aspects

Rose Colored GlassesThere is a concept in astrology of the ‘higher octave‘. This is when a personal planet (Mercury, Mars or Venus), which express their energies at a mundane level, has a transpersonal equivalent – their expression becomes universal in quality. In the case of Venus, this is Neptune.

Venus expresses love and beauty amongst other things – the extrapolation of these themes are universal love, faith, compassion and divinely inspired creativity. Venus was born from the sea and Neptune is the god of the sea.

If someone has Venus and Neptune in aspect in their birth chart then their love nature will be coloured with an ethereal quality. They may be prone to fantasy, self deception and unrealistic romantic dreams but also be highly creative and artistic. Here is my own poetic contribution based upon these themes.

Seeing is Believing 

Love is blind?
I take off my rose spectacles
Wait patiently
Now I see.

Neptune provides Venus with the qualities of faith. The difficulty for someone with such a contact is that they might be prone to ‘seeing god’ in partnerships – martyred type relations may be common where one person takes on the role of the protector or parent figure.

Neptune therefore clouds the Venusian desire nature (‘love is blind’). It is important with such an aspect to separate fact from fantasy, the real from the illusory. It may also be a requirement to get in tune with our own desire nature – to accept it for what it is and not allow fantasy to dissipate its importance in our lives (‘take off rose spectacles’).

The key is quite Saturnian in nature – discipline and realism (‘wait patiently’) in order to take advantage of the creative potential (‘now I see’) – by seeing, now you can believe. There is a saying in Zen Buddhism that ‘Zen is free, Zen training is not’. With this aspect we perhaps want the freedom and joy without working for it. And with love, you always have to work for it.

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