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Venus Opposition Pluto

We see some very powerful men in this group – Robert Kennedy, Howard Hughes, U.S. Treasurer Donald Regan, and Nazi General Rommel.

What is common with the opposition, as contrasted with the conjunction or square, is the tendency to project Plutonian motives outward, i.e., that others wish to control or use one.

Hughes, once well known for his liaisons with starlets, was paranoid and severely isolated at the end of his life. Kennedy gained fame through his investigations into the Mob, and yet recent revelations show that Mob ties may have played an important role in the family’s political success. Another persistent speculation concerns Marilyn Monroe’s ties to the Kennedy brothers and whether that had anything to do with her death. Whether it did or not may never be resolved, but the public’s fascination with these links between sex and power is endless.

The table that follow show only a few individuals who most seem to typify the particular aspect, but the descriptions list additional celebrities who have it.

Robert Kennedy Senator 0.6 15 CP, 9th 14 CN, 3rd
Howard Hughes Millionaire 1.1 20 SG, 4th 21 GE, 10th
Chelsea Clinton First Daughter 1.3 20 AR, 5th 21 LI, 11th
Celine Dion Singer 2.3 18 PI, 9th 21 VI, 3rd
Paul Newman Actor 2.4 14 CP, 1st 12 CN, 6th

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