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Venus and Pallas Athena – Aesthetics and Negotiations

The ability to collaborate, to merge, to negotiate is the essence of the planet Venus in a company’s chart. The same is true for an individual chart. A strong Venus makes you attractive and enables you to draw to you what you desire. A highly aspected or angular Venus can further this ability. Classically, the planet Venus is the planet of seduction and desire.

venus mythology

Venus in Mythology. Venus and Adonis

A well-placed Venus is an indicator that a company’s style is that it tries to conduct business in an esthetic or fair way. Its surroundings are often elegant, particularly if Venus is placed in the fourth house or rules the fourth or first house of the chart. Conversely, if the company has a retrograde Venus, then it may indicate difficulties in the ability to attract to it that which it needs or offers rather unpleasant surroundings. The offices may have bare bones furnishings. A powerfully placed Venus can have the opposite effect. The placement of Venus suggests how to set up a situation for a company so that it is more likely that the company can attract what it wants.

Venus in difficult aspect to Saturn brings a sense that you have to work hard for everything while sacrificing along the way. It can also indicate delays in success. It is the perfect marker for the professional Madame, too! There is a sense of having to obey the rules in order to attract what you desire. Desire requires a price. The Venus/Saturn person is willing to pay that price for success and achievement.This combination of Saturn with Venus can indicate expensive tastes, i.e. “Rolls Royce” desires versus other lesser automobiles. For that reason, cash flow (Venus) may often be affected in trying to achieve the ultimate in pleasure or life quality.

Conversely, a hard aspect between Jupiter and Venus may suggest overindulgence by you or your company. It might suggest a company that has difficulty managing its cash flow or overspending. Jupiter square Venus may also suggest that the “product” is valued for its ability to create pleasure or its price may be over-inflated. Throw Mars in and you have impulsive actions accompanying the above behaviors as well as the ability to stir up the resources and gather them when needed.

Adverse aspects to natal Neptune may indicate negatively, credit or debt problems and makes the company susceptible to mergers or takeovers. The positive manifestation suggests that you or your company identify and act on idealism and have a capacity to manifest visions as part of
your product line or your company’s over-all purpose. In addition, it indicates the ability to intuitively gather the right people to do the job, the right suppliers, and the right materials.

A well-placed Venus or highly aspected Venus may suggest working in the following trades: textiles, the law or justice system as well as sugar manufacturing, copper production, jewelry or any type of fashion design and adornments such as purses, accessories, and even household

Pallas Athena

Pallas Athena

Pallas Athena sometimes interchanges with Venus placements and is associated with weaving, justice, and the law. In Greek mythology, Pallas Athena emerges from her father’s head. This happens right after (Jupiter) Zeus, Athena’s father devours her mother, Metis, the Woman of Wisdom, his pregnant consort. In full armor and brandishing a war cry, Athena springs forth out of Zeus’ head. Her birth is an example of parthenogenesis, a noun meaning the development of an egg without fertilization. The Parthenon, the temple of Athena Parthenos, in Athens, Greece, is named after this phenomenon as well as Athena’s virgin-Goddess status. Athena becomes the Goddess to whom the heroes and heroines go for help and assistance and for the wisdom of strategy for which she is known. If she believes in your cause, she advises you on a strategy and provides you with the tools necessary for success. A virgin-Goddess in the sense that she is an individual unto herself, Athena is also a master weaver and mentor for the weaving and textiles of ancient Greece. Her capacity to weave together stories, ideas, concepts, and plans is known. Prominently placed in your horoscope or your company’s horoscope, she can be of great help in these areas, but also quite ruthless as well as determined if not balanced by other factors.

The Birth of Venus, by Sandro Botticelli c. 1485–1486.

The Birth of Venus, by Sandro Botticelli c. 1485–1486.

The Goddess Aphrodite (the Greek name) or Venus (the Roman name) also descends from her father. Her father’s name is Uranus, also known as Ouranos in literature. His son, Cronos or Saturn, slaughters Uranus, the sky God and the God of chaos. Uranus’ testicles are thrown into the sea and out of the blood are birthed the Furies at the same time as Venus, symbolizing the life giving power of passion and the aggressive quality that accompanies desire.

In an individual chart, when you have a strong Libra or Venus, textiles, weavings or fabrics may be your work or hold your interest. Strong Venus placements are found in the fields of apparel, lingerie, upholstery, fashion, cosmetics, and all of the beauty and skin occupations. Interior design, painting, negotiation and mediation, and social function organizing are wonderful career choices for those of you born with a strong Libra or Venus. Venus was neither a mean nor a weak figure in mythology. As the Goddess of attraction, she got exactly what she wanted! She was willing to step over dead bodies to get what she wanted, but she did it in such a way, that her charm overcame any objections or kept the door open for further negotiations. If your Venus has more of a Taurus bent, either in an earth sign, placed in one of the earth houses or is highly aspected by earth planets (more organic in scope), then it may focus your interests towards physical and organic industries such as the herbal business, agriculture, farming, land development, or building comfortable homes and furnishings.

Using these associations, Venus in a company or career chart indicates your desire to gather resources, to be comfortable, to pursue creative ideas and make them a reality. Because Venus assists others in making their lives more comfortable, Venusians can help others with defining their values and developing their resources. This relates to many diverse occupations whose range includes banking, savings and loan businesses, to marketing and advertising, to design and environmental work. Comfort is a strong motivating factor behind Venus in an individual or company chart. Your company is motivated to provide comfortable surroundings for your employees or wonderful benefits so that your employees are productive. Venus represents the appeal of a company, what will be attractive to its employees and what it values.

Both Venus and Pallas have similar meanings. They both descended from their fathers: Pallas from her father’s head and Venus from her father’s genitals. Both Goddesses have strategic abilities and strong motivations. Both Goddesses express themselves through textiles, weavings, negotiations, and strategy.

The difference, however, is that Venus is charming, seductive and alluring. She uses her sexuality to achieve her aims. Pallas Athena is direct, forthright and blunt. She has an edge to her presentation and a mind that cuts through the problems and challenges quickly. Venus feels
while Pallas thinks. Venus is very amoral and Pallas is moral. Venus is less judgmental than Pallas, affording her fewer enemies. The morality of Pallas Athena is harsh, strict, without a lot of extraneous social pretenses. Pallas Athena does what she needs to do to get the job done, regardless of peoples’ feelings.

Brain Teaser

If you are fortunate enough to find an accurate transaction chart, whose correct time and date of birth as well as location of birth are precise, then review it. Was the transaction successful? If it was a real estate chart, was it a pleasant negotiation or a difficult one? Was the property correctly valued for the price paid? Where was Pallas Athena placed or Venus? What kinds of aspects did they have? Were they angular?

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Georgia Stathis, professional astrologer from Pleasant Hill, CA, works with individuals in helping them draw out these aspects of the self so that a more fertile field of possibility in relationship emerges. She is author of Starcycles calendars and appointment books. She has an M.B.A. degree, and her latest book is Business Astrology 101. She lectures widely on such topics as mythology, relationships, and the correlations of planetary cycles with history and future possibilities.

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