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Venus Transit In Pisces 2018: Get Creative

Venus In Pisces February 10 through March 6, 2018

In 2018, February is one of the more dramatic months of the year. Thankfully, Venus in Pisces ( February 10, 2018 through March 6) will offer blessings and protection along the way. This pairing is especially creative, and may help you open up to divine inspiration.

Venus in Pisces inspires a fluid, driven energy that highlights the beauty of experience rather than the push to achieve. This cycle is all about being playful and enjoying the good things in life. Luxury doesn’t matter as much as quality time with the people you adore.

Express your affections through thoughtful gestures that show you care. Bake someone their favorite cake. Make a handmade gift for a newborn baby.

Artistic experiences will be easily triggered by music. Let your heart dictate your desires.

As Pisces is a Water sign, youll get carried away in moments of creativity. Allow yourself to ride that wave!

Indulge yourself in your own artsy desires, whether that means going to a concert or spending time at a gallery. Creativity has an intuitive component thats easier to access now.

Create something that will mean something to you for many days to come, or make your personal environment more comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

Pisces is the most open and energetically aware sign, and with Venuss inspiration, ideas for your next project may come through a dream or vision.

This Venus in Pisces cycle will be especially inspiring to Earth and Water signs, but all signs will benefit from a touch of divine inspiration this February. Open up to the signs around you!

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