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Venus In Pisces

Venus in Pisces:

Venus in Pisces is the romantic of the zodiac. Truly loving and dreamy, will very often overlook some serious flaws of

Their lovers and idolize them, only seeing them for what they are until it’s too late, if ever. Fantasy will always be better than the real thing, and also may have a tendancy to fall in love with people who don’t even know they exist.

In any case, this placement has brought out some of the greatest artists, painters, musicians and writers around, who are able to let us all slide into their magical world through art. Who can blame them for being so dreamy, fantasy can be much more beautiful than reality as it has no boundaries.

This is a very soft spot and I believe that no matter how “tough” someone’s chart is, if they have this placement then they will be very sweet and gentle, no matter how much it is concealed. This placement promises full devotion, and a constant self sacrifice. The women of your environment tend to be artistic and dreamy, even delusional sometimes (use of alcohol and drugs), but always compassionate and ready to help and listen.

Even though, or perhaps because, Venus is exalted here, it is a difficult position to handle in your chart. The self-sacrifice nature of the sign is demanding, sometimes to a dangerous point. Perhaps its exaltation also grants a quality or capacity to deal effectively with the demands made upon you. You do have considerable capacity.

However, you also have a challenging maze to travel. This represents a battle between the material and the spiritual plane. The only acceptable solution is for you to find some way to blend the two into a workable pattern. You may swing from melting with love and adoration for someone undeserving of your slavery role, to hurt feelings of rejection and a desire to surround yourself with luxury and protection. Your problem is to protect yourself without rejecting those around you. You may cover a lot of territory before you assemble the solution. Nevertheless, you are not as helpless or weak as you may appear to be. Others trying to help you will find you an enigma. You would much rather give than receive, even though your capacity depends on comfortable surroundings.

Your Sun’s position will be a key to how you use this influence.

  • This can be as far away as Taurus or the First House, or Capricorn or the Tenth House. In Capricorn or the Tenth House, you may have the least trouble with a built-in ability to provide yourself with material security. This position of Venus will help keep you in touch with other people and give you an intuitive ability in the business world. There should be a good balance between the material and the spiritual.
  • In Aquarius or the Eleventh House, your goals will be humanitarian, perhaps too much so. You will likely have more answers than you can implement. You will also find that people are not as trustworthy as you would like them to be. It may take you a long time to admit this.
  • In Pisces or the Twelfth house, the softness and disappointment will be compounded. Others will love you with no effort on your part. However, the love you receive may be less than beneficial. You could spend a life time trying to assess the problem.
  • In Aries or the First House, you are likely to be more responsible in love than most others of your sign. You will have a good chance of solving the problems of this position.
  • In Taurus or the Second House, Venus is your ruler. Here the problem becomes very personal and is located at your very core. Your life depends on solving these problems. You will spend a life time grappling with them with varying degrees of success.

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