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Venus In Sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius:

Venus in Sagittarius loves light hearted, casual romance, just like its Gemini counterpart. Great curiousity and love for other cultures, and may very well have an eye for exotic partners from other countries. Influential women in your environment are foreigners and romance is always linked with getaways and travel, one may lead to another.

The cool thing about this placement is that its very upfront and honest about what it wants, so there’s not much ambiguity in a relationship. But the problem is that long distance relationships and their difficulties are very likely here, and there is also the shadow of making someone fall for you then you leave them for another adventure in another place. Please don’t do that! Funny thing is, you can be the one who falls for people on the move.

This position increases prodigality and a strong desire for freedom to do your own thing. There is likely to be much sex appeal and attractiveness generally, with little or no willingness to be restricted or confined. It increases the luck factor particularly in the accumulation of money and liquid assets. Almost everything comes a little too easy.

The position of the Sun is very important here also.

  • If the Sun is in either Eighth House Scorpio or Ninth House Capricorn, there is much more stability and an ability to use charm for practical purposes without becoming deeply emotionally involved.
  • If the Sun is in either Seventh House Libra, Ninth House Sagittarius or Eleventh House Aquarius, the flirtatious, light hearted, easy going, devil may care, freedom loving qualities are most obvious.
  • Conjunct your Sagittarius Sun you love your own company best and are spoiled by the attentions of others. In any case, this is a bird on the wing which dies in captivity. Your affections are caught up by intangible far-out concepts which must be fed a steady diet without the often expected result of loyalty, devotion and commitment. With this position you are in love with life and personal freedom. Only those who share these interests can hope to keep you company along the way without uncomfortable restrictions.

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