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Venus – Saturn Aspects

Saturn Venus CycleAlthough not the most puzzling or contradictory of planetary combinations, the Venus-Saturn combination may be one of the most ennobling and challenging of astrological pairs.

If Venus is the planet of pleasure, love, and enjoyment, it is arguably the least likely planet to want to the gravity, seriousness, and responsibility of Saturn.

As the Saturn-Venus combination may give rise to disdain and dread upon a superficial analysis, when one observes the number of creative responses to the energy by notable personalities, one realizes that the combination does not correlate with a fated sentence of darkness but with an invitation to do something constructive with the energy.

At its most dour and depressing, the Saturn-Venus aspect can correlate with a life of anhedonia-lack of pleasure-but only if one lets this be the case.

It may be true that in some fashion a Saturn-Venus aspect does combine Saturnine virtues-hard work, diligence, thrift, and practicality-with the pleasure principle, however, this combination can ultimately lead to enduring satisfaction and sustainable happiness.

For the artist, a Saturn-Venus combination can often suggest one who isn’t inspired to the heights of beauty, but one who is able to integrate practical matters and technical precision into their craft.

Similarly, for the lover, the Saturn-Venus combination can connote the psychological need to place high priority on realistic concerns-security, money, reliability, moral integrity-over and above passion or other fleeting infatuations.

In money, as with love, the Venus-Saturn combination can presage a number of personal expressions. In some cases, Venus and Saturn in aspect can represent a wedding of value, taste, and love with the material world-what is of value is the concrete and tangible, not more intangible matters like personal intimacy. However, as Saturn can indicate obstacles, blocks, and frustrations, a Saturn-Venus aspect can indicate hardships with money, or the need to apply one’s self with greater-than-usual dedication and hard work to gain financial security.

As a quality, Venus and Saturn often presents as a no-nonsense aesthetic, a less-is-more sophistication and earthiness that often places function on the same level, or above, form. Either through a stripped-down elegance or a mature grace, the beauty affiliated with Saturn-Venus aspects often transcends fads, crazes, and public whimsy.

Retarding progress and evolution while testing the internal strength of any entity, Saturn can inhibit another archetype’s expression to provide contrast to the normal free flow of a symbol’s energy and to mature, strengthen, and forge another planet’s expression. Saturn can create tests around Venus’s realm of entertainment and relationship, the pain of the transit is potentially for the service of the perfection of beauty.

The below individuals, born with Saturn in major aspect to Venus, exemplify the varied expressions of the combination and demonstrate the variability of this, and any other, planetary combination.

Paul Simon (Saturn opposite Venus)

Paul Simon

Paul Simon

“Hello Darkness my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again.” The lyrics begin one of the most popular recordings of the twentieth century. Simon, born with a Venus opposition to Saturn, is a lyricist with a particularly introspective and often melancholic disposition, not shying away from some of the darker subjects of life: loneliness, despair, aging, and heartbreak.

Songs such as “Old Friends”, “A Hazy Shade of Winter”, and “The Boxer” showcase Simon’s brilliance for illuminating those sides of experience that are often neglected or ignored by most popular songwriters. Besides the content of his songwriting, Simon also displays another facet of many entertainers born with Saturn-Venus aspects: endurance, longevity, and staying power. Typically, the artist born with Saturn-Venus aspects transcends fads and popular whimsy and is able to endure the highs and lows of a career devoted to entertainment.

Donald Trump (Saturn conjunct Venus)

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Trump is arguably the quintessential personality that calls to mind the rather dubious reputation of Saturn-Venus aspects indicating a love and infatuation of money. In its more unconscious incarnations, Venus-Saturn aspects can designate a personal orientation whereby love and value are wholly combined with the wealth and riches that the material realm (the realm that Saturn is often said to rule over) affords. In no uncertain terms, Trump has molded his own lifestyle around the art of ascertaining wealth. With his ever-expanding empire and with book titles such as Trump: How to Get Rich, Trump has profited from his unabashed love of lucre.

Frank Lloyd Wright (Saturn opposite Venus)

Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright

Wright, who was born with a Venus-Saturn opposition, exemplifies the multi-faceted nature of all planetary combinations. That is, planetary combinations express themselves in many, often contradictory ways. Wright’s prolific output is based predominantly on repetition and constancy-taking one motif and repeating it ad nauseum.

It is Saturn that is often the archetype that is most affiliated with repetition and constancy, and at its highest trajectory, this steadiness leads to a sort of perfection. The second fashion in which Wright’s Saturn-Venus combination displays itself is through a remarkable intentionality relative to every facet of his designs.

Saturn is correlated with focus, deliberateness, and conscious intention, and many architectural critics suggest that Wright’s buildings convey a sense of purpose with every element. Finally, Wright was notorious for his inattentiveness and rejection of the importance of financial matters in his life. As noted, Saturn-Venus aspects can connote either extreme in orientation toward money.

Donna Karan (Saturn conjunct Venus)

Donna Karan

Donna Karan

Born with a tight Venus-Saturn conjunction in Virgo, Donna Karan’s fashion design sensibility and philosophy perfectly reflects this planetary combination. Creating clothing that is functional, elegant, practical, and sophisticated, Karan filled a niche for the working woman who wanted to blend practicality with grace. The empire that Karan built, DKNY, is evocative of the synthesis of the archetypes of Venus and Saturn. The clothing line is well-known for its less-is-more classiness aimed at real women.

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