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Venus In Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio:

Venus in Scorpio is do or die. I’ve seen both saints and harlots with this placement, and seen the same person transform from one to the other. Because it is the all or nothing. People with Venus in scorpio may stay single for years looking for the perfect one, and then give them their pure devotion and loyality.

On the other hand, they may use the secretive scorpio energy to lurk in very murky waters of prostitution and its many cousins, maintainimg a surprisingly clean and innocent facade.

In both cases, this is a very possessive placement and takes no BS, once it smells betrayal or a subtle hurtful comment, it will never forget and hell will break loose. But at the same time, its very sexual and alluring with great magnetic charm. Many dark artists and religious fanatics have this placement! May also have a twisted and even kinky taste, often with a preference to things that are taboo.

This position of Venus is difficult at best. It is perhaps least hazardous when it accompanies a Scorpio or Eighth House Sun, although there are also difficulties with this position.

If the Sun is also in Scorpio you have more self direction and control with this position of Venus. You are also dependent on a strong measure of self-control. It is up to you to set your own standards, for better or for worse. Partnerships become more difficult.

If your Sun is in one of the other possible signs (Virgo, the Sixth House; Libra, the Seventh House; Sagittarius, the Ninth House; Capricorn, the Tenth House) you will find it extremely difficult to control and express your desires, passions and affections in a way that brings you satisfaction and respect. Libra is particularly vulnerable with its ruler in Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign of transformation. Venus’ attractive power is oriented toward possession, hanging on to and owning what you possess, even people.

This is the irresistible force meeting the immovable object. Something has to give. Life itself depends on meeting this challenge. Venus holds it’s greatest sway over the opposite sign Taurus. In Scorpio, it must bend adapt and adjust it’s nature to transcend the methods which have brought it this far. There must be a purpose to the accumulation of wealth and power. This is the real test of value. A selfish purpose means death to the individual. Proper distribution is the challenge. Here it becomes a life and death matter to know where to let go to proper advantage. Some people will do this very well. Others will destroy not only others but themselves rather than live and let live.

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