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Venus In Taurus

Venus in Taurus:

Venus in Taurus will express affection with material gestures like luxurious gifts and food. Very generous and artistic, can be good with music, singing, sculpting and painting. As generous as they are, they also like to receive beautiful gifts and solid love.

A steady and sensual lover and would probably too lazy and comfortable to cheat!! Attracts beautiful and nurturing women into one’s life, just like The Empress from the Tarot cards. Loves the pleasures of the flesh; very sensual. Taurus has a reputation of really enjoying masturbation, in some cases more than the real thing due to its introverted nature (especially moon in Taurus).

May be shy and reserved in the beginning of the relationship and takes a while to loosen up (could drive an Aries or Gemini crazy!), but know that they like you once they start giving material things.

This position of Venus intensifies the senses. What you can see, hear, feel and touch takes on significant meaning. You are romantic in a quiet and proper manner. You have intense likes and dislikes. Loyalty is an important virtue. Pain as well as pleasure can be very intense.

Your home environment is of the greatest significance. You seek luxury and comfort of a durable and solid quality. Although you love adornments and beautiful clothing you avoid necklaces and ties, anything which would restrict your throat area. This position of Venus sensitizes you to throat problems as well as giving you a melodious voice. You may be susceptible to all kinds of throat problems including tumors, mumps, thyroid problems, stiff neck, and headaches in the back lower section.

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