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Venus Transit In Aquarius 2018: The Friendship of Romance

What’s Up: Venus is in Aquarius from Jan 18th to February 10th, 2018. The fresh air whirls around in love and friendship, with Venus in this air sign. This follows Venus in Capricorn.

Venus Transit In Aquarius:  January 18 – February 10, 2018

We tend to put romance and friendship in different mental boxes, as much as we like to claim that our significant other is also our best friend. There’s nothing better for the health of a long-term partnership than a strong grounding in friendship (first). Yet, no matter how well we know this in our heads, it can be a nearly impossible lesson for our hearts to grasp. That’s why we often get stuck in jealousy, ego, co-dependency and other relationship-killing behaviors.

Luckily, on January 18, Venus in Aquarius is coming along to remind us that we don’t own our partners, and that self-love must exist before romantic love can properly blossom.

Venus is the planet of love, beauty and longing. Its placement determines our very understanding of what romance means. You can get a sense of your personal romance style depending on where Venus is in your natal chart. [Dont know your Venus sign? Fill in your birthday information here and find out!]

People accuse those born with Venus in Aquarius of being detached and cold, but that’s not the whole story. The opposite sign, Leo, needs to be adored more than anything — that’s the polarity Aquarius is competing with. Theres a healthy balance to be found between pure ego-stroking and complete detachment.

During the next few weeks, try to perfect that art. Notice when you feel jealous and when you’re acting in the pure spirit of friendship. Your reactions probably have a lot more to do with you and your self-esteem than with whatever your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend is doing (or not doing).

If you’re single and want to meet someone, this is actually a fantastic time to do so — you’re less wrapped-up in the needs of your ego and more willing to engage with someone as a friend first. You can see people as they really are, not as a projection of your ego’s needs.

The secret of long-lasting love is so close you can taste it, so take a hint from Venus in Aquarius and connect to the friendship of romance.

Social Buzz

Venus has been solely under the influence of Saturn, the planet of responsibility while in Capricorn. Now the love planet has some breathing room in this air sign—what’s favored is meeting others in a friendly, detached way.

Aquarius’ other ruler Uranus is thrown into the mix for some real restlessness and maybe even relationship chaos.

The Venus Aquarius natives are restless and ready to break with convention. The same tired way of engaging, stilted etiquette and the habits of being politically correct are blown apart. Aquarius is the sign of scrambling the same old thing with spontaneous behavior and actions.

What’s on the social menu now goes beyond the usual labels, making unlikely connections. It’s a time to make an unlikely friend, or enjoy the experience of the group— to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

Flirty Freedom

Venus in experimental Aquarius can inspire on-the-fly reaching out, to that object of your attention.

There’s a lightness with this love vibe, that makes it fun and without a lot of pressure. Aquarius says, “Let’s see what happens.” This free-spirited way of showing affection creates a warm setting for friendship to develop organically.

Venus Aquarius draws you to those on your wavelength, but also to those that are wholly different. There’s a disruption of the usual social circle that makes it inclusive and that leads to unexpected connections.

Beat of Own Drum

When Venus is in Aquarius, the individual is celebrated. And we move with a part of ourselves that’s a little odd, maybe shocking, and definitely original.

Love and art get infused with our own kind of genius. Venus cheers us on to follow that passion or fascination, even if it’s way outside ‘normal’ frames of society.

This can be a time to venture into taboo areas, or to exhibit behavior that others feel is extreme. A touch of temporary insanity is in the air, with the currents of Uranus (Aquarius’ ruler) are running the love currents.

There can be themes of rebellion percolating, in conversation, social media and individual creative projects. Feeling good (Venus) comes from being open to new ways of seeing and being. It’s possible to experience waves that come out of the blue, and sometimes it’s ideas that are at that leading edge of what’s known.

Shock of the New

Sometimes there are shocks and sudden breaks in love or a friendship. There could be a polar vortex in a particular relationship, that’s as unpredictable as the weather of our times.

The urge to be free and follow a new track can lead to the desire for a space cushion in love. Someone who is usually warm could be aloof and distracted.

There could be unusual currents coming in that take time to translate. Keep in mind that Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, and Aquarius’ raison d’etre is to download fast currents and integrate them into our heavy slow material 3D world.

So give yourself and others the space to process and the permission to undergo a radical shift in perception. Sometimes that means taking time apart, to break patterns of relating that intrude on the thought stream.

Currency of Ideas

Venus is a breath of fresh air in Aquarius, and the sign of the future. When there’s always a frontier to break through, there’s no chance of stagnation for too long. A boring exchange gets the Aqua treatment —something is said that gets folks tittering and wringing their hands.

Venus Aquarius puts us all happily in that mode of exchanging our take on what’s happening, and what’s possible. Since Aquarius is a sign oriented toward the bigger picture, there can be many sessions of soul-storming, theorizing, and collaborating.

Venus in Aquarius Motif:

Cool glamour, trans-humanism and technology as fashionable trends, dating across racial, religious or class lines, shaking hands across the aisle, humanitarian values, the bizarre or outrageous, unconventional love arrangements, eccentricity and genius.

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