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Venus Trine Pluto

A comfortable sexuality and a soft-sell visceral charm is the hallmark of the Venus-Pluto trines.

There’s more of a “boy-next-door” sex appeal – Michael Jordan, Michael J. Fox, and skater Kurt Browning. These folks aren’t in your face with it, they’re not as compulsive about love as the hard aspects are, but the magnetism is there all the same.

Many of the trines seem to marry well, with an eye to position. Pat Nixon and Betty Ford may not be your idea of glamour girls, but they apparently knew how to keep their men happy or turn a blind eye to transgressions.

The trine here has to do with being a good helpmeet, like the canny political wife who knows how to socialize with the rich and famous and be an asset to her husband’s career. In arenas outside marriage, this aspect grants an easy capacity to form friendships and alliances with the powers that be, so it is a political, social, and career asset.

The table that follow show only a few individuals who most seem to typify the particular aspect, but the descriptions list additional celebrities who have it.

Pat Nixon First Lady 0.8 27 AQ, 3rd 27 GE, 7th
Betty Ford First Lady 0.9 2 PI, 6th 3 CN, 10th
Q. Elizabeth II Royalty 1.3 14 PI, 1st 12 CN, 6th
Michael Jordan Athlete 1.8 13 CP, 9th 11 VI, 5th
Michael J. Fox Actor 2.7 3 TA, 2nd 5 VI, 7th

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