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Venus In Virgo

Venus in Virgo

This position of Venus is much maligned because it causes you to be suspicious of the love nature that the world has idolized to their detriment.

This position of Venus points to the true nature of love. Since the world or humanity at large is still very unwilling to recognize true love, these people must use this influence to protect themselves from falling into the traps the rest of the world says would be their salvation.

Therefore, you with this position present a very distorted picture of what you would prefer to be expressing. You are unable to buy an advertised love which says don’t think just feel. You are continually pointing out what is wrong with those you love. They would prefer for you to love them for their unevolved selves alone. Who gets the blame? You do.

This vicious circle is indeed difficult to break out of. If no one will accept the best that you have to offer you will oblige them by giving them a very inadequate facsimile of what they are asking for.

Many of you just never marry or ever find anyone you can be happy with. It is my belief that all this is changing. When excessive sex-obsessed-with-technique runs its course and humanity as a whole begins to talk about the closeness of a relationship, understanding, real caring, affection being located in the bowels, you will have your day.

“Falling in love” is indeed dangerous. You have sense enough to realize that. When the world has truly learned to accept that fact the evaluation of Virgo will emerge from the fog in a truly beneficial way. This position of Venus is in the forefront of that threshold.

Venus in Virgo is at fall here because these individuals are very prude and shy, and may mix between the concept of cleanliness and sexuality, perceiving the latter as dirty, and messy.

They will express their love by being very useful around the house and doing very subtle forms of service, so if you have a lover with such placement, keep your eyes open for such subtelity and be appreciative.To Venus in Virgo, it’s the useful little things that matter. Encouragement and appreciation may help in making them less shy. Also you may want to take it extra easy on the intimacy with them, and be understanding. Once they are comfortable, you will be surprised. If you have Venus in Virgo you will also show artistic craftmanship such as jewellery design, sculpting/carving, etc.

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