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What Your Venus Sign Says About Your Love Life

What Your Venus Sign Says About Your Love Life

Venus is the diva ruler of all things glamorous, sensual, gorgeous and poetic. Shes the romance queen, the empress of aesthetics, and the head mistress in the school of seduction. Her position in your natal chart indicates your manner, style and approach to that four-letter word: LOVE. Do you know where Venus was on your date of birth? She is never far from the Sun, either in your Sun sign or in one or two of the signs preceding or following your birth. For exact details, get your free natal chart.

Venus Secrets: Your Heart Style

ariesIf your Venus is in ARIES, you are likely a prime candidate for love at first sight. You are passionate and in touch with your romantic thoughts and impulses.

You are also confident enough to follow through with them some of the time. However, if you discover that a person is not who you thought they were, you fall out of love just as quickly. You are not one to linger or vacillate when a relationship is clearly not working out. You prefer tidy endings. You are admired for your straightforward approach in love.

taurusIf your Venus is in TAURUS, you are a strongly sensual person with discerning tastes. You know what qualities you like in the people you want to be around and you are willing to devote your whole self to the one who strongly matches your requirements and/or indulges your preferences. You believe in love as a verb, and need proof of it, not merely declarations that it exists. You show your affection best through action — sometimes practical actions, like doing dishes and other times extravagant and generous expressions of your affection.

geminiThose with natal Venus in GEMINI are smart about their relationships. This sign wants to align with people who look good “on paper” and have a sweet heart too. The Twins realize that those with similar values, goals and sensibilities naturally fit together. For Gemini, good conversation and laughter are essential ingredients to a loving relationship.

cancerIf your natal Venus is in CANCER, your powers of love run deep. You become strongly attached to your loved ones and you may even feel a spiritual connection that goes beyond this lifetime. Love can send your emotions to the highest heights or the lowest lows. When you love someone, you want to build a home with that person. For you, a beautiful home is the one of the ultimate culminations of a loving relationship.

leoThose with the love planet in LEO approach relationships with a great deal of pizzazz and flair. Leo is the sign of children, drama and creativity and Venus in Leo people prefer their close relationships to be playful and fun. They are fans of homemade gifts and dramatic shows of affection. Venus-in-Leo people are often drawn to the arts and/or show business, too.

virgoIf your natal Venus is in VIRGO, you are a realist when it comes to love. You feel loved by someone who makes time for you, does things with you and shows that they are thinking about you. Likewise, you demonstrate your love through hands-on nurturing. You dont accept excuses and you dont like when to hear anyone pontificate or wax poetic about romance. You need the evidence.

libraIf your natal Venus is in LIBRA, you are in love with love. You thrill to express your affection in art. Romance, to you, is in the details — the care taken in dressing for a date, the thoughtfulness of a compliment, the rush you get from hearing a certain song with the one you love. You like to be involved with those who share your aesthetic sense and appreciate beauty as you do.

scorpioIf your natal Venus is in SCORPIO, you are drawn to your romantic counterparts for reasons that seem deeper than the moment. You often feel as though youve known your love in another life, and that your souls are somehow connected. There seems to be many complex levels in your relationships that people on the outside dont understand as you do. It is of utmost importance that your closest relationships remain sacred. You appreciate when the ones you love keep certain things private.

sagittariusIf your natal Venus is in SAGITTARIUS, you are drawn to adventurous situations. To you, romance means entering new worlds. You are willing and able to enter into the spirit of the one you are attracted to. You align yourself with your love in order to see the world from his or her eyes. You are likely to take more risks than most of the people you know, especially in the name of love. When you are completely smitten with someone you want to explore with them and collect as many experiences as you can. You never want your union to be boring. If it does, you quickly become restless.

capricornVenus in CAPRICORN people stand out as powerful and in charge. This aspect indicates a driven individual who will do what it takes to achieve the prize of his or her choosing. Venus-in-Capricorn people take their responsibilities seriously and one of the ways they show their devotion to another person is to commit to another persons happiness and success as they do to their own. Ownership is important to Venus in Capricorn people and its a big part of romance. They will claim things with their love, and what they claim becomes forever a part of the story as a couple.

aquariusIf you have Venus in AQUARIUS, you are the type to put friendship first. You never did understand why people will dump their friends to spend time with a boyfriend or girlfriend. And when you are interested in a person romantically you are likely to form a strong friendship bond first. You often remain friends even after you break up with someone. You to be open minded with a live-and-let-live motto.

piscesVenus in PISCES people take a wise and soulful approach to love, leading with their strong intuition. This sign is in no hurry to commit as Venus in Pisces people pay a high price for their commitments — they give everything for love. They become immersed in endeavors and people and will take on the characteristics and qualities of their beloved passion. Venus-in-Pisces people tend to be muses for those they love, inspiring their loves to create beautiful works of art and live artfully, too.

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