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Victorious at Work: Do You Gloat?

Finally, you’ve been proven right at work against everyone else’s resistance. Do you shout triumphantly making sure everyone knows, or do you smile quietly, pleased that your judgement has been vindicated?

Aries is competitive, so they’re likely to proclaim their victory loudly at first, but then they’ll move on.

Taurus will be conflicted since they don’t like their achievements to go unnoticed, but are quite reserved at the same time. They’ll be pleased and resentful at the same time.

Gemini will gloat and poke fun at those who did not believe in them. They’ll make sure it’s clear who’s got the brains in the business.

Cancer will still be resentful that they weren’t listened to in the first place. They’ll make sure everyone has to eat their humble pie.

Leo will love being proven superior, and will announce it everyone. When it comes to tooting their own horn, no one does it better than Leo!

Virgo can be self-righteous, and will rub it in that everyone else was wrong. That said, their celebration won’t be too overblown.

Libra is tactful but they like to be direct when it comes to communication. So in the nicest possible way, they’ll claim their prize with great enthusiasm!

Scorpio will hold a grudge for having been dismissed in the first place. They’ll be less concerned with being right than ensuring that everyone else knows just how wrong they were.

Sagittarius will be doing somersaults with the adrenaline-rush of being right. They won’t put anyone else down, but they won’t hold back in celebrating their victory either.

work-astrology-successCapricorn will weigh the consequences of boosting their reputation at the expense of others. They’ll take a serious look at the long-term effects of out-doing everyone else.

Aquarius will be quite animated and very pleased that they found the right answer before everyone else. They aren’t malicious but they do like to think they know more than others.

Pisces will be delighted, but too timid to rant about how right they were. They’ll find a way of letting people know about their victory, but it may be too subtle for others to notice.

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