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Virgo April 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to April 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Virgo Zodiac Sign!Virgo April 2016 Horoscope

Virgo April 2016 Horoscope – Overview

Virgo, April 2016  is a period where your enthusiasm and boldness will allow you to take up challenges that you may usually shy away from. You are restless and unlikely to be passive and let life control you; you want to shape things in April 2016 and will not take a back seat and let others or circumstances dictate events.

You may book a spontaneous break away – perhaps a camping, walking or sporting trip with friends or a partner. You are very active and want to make every second count. April 2016 is not a month for lazing about; you are motivated and can use your positive energy to bring enjoyment and fun into your life. Virgo, do not waste your increased mental and physical energy in April 2016 – this is an ideal time to begin new studies, brush up on skills, start a course and/or learn a new sport. Use April to improve your skills and fitness, then the month is more about fun with purpose than just fun.

Restless and assertive, you will rebel against restrictions and limits which you feel are unreasonable and restrictive.

Try not to get fired up and get into arguments over religious or philosophical issues as these are likely to become contentious and unpleasant with no real purpose.

April 2016 Virgo Monthly Love Horoscope

Opportunities for both success and social networking can come via your partner in April 2016 – perhaps an opportunity to change job or get new clients can come via a social event arranged for your partner’s work.

The Virgo April 2016 horoscope for love shows that you are very romantic this month and also compassionate and flexible – you are willing to adjust to the needs of your partner and this bodes well for love. You are more relaxed in general during April, which means that sex will flow naturally, and nothing will need to be forced.

There is a new sense of devotion within your relationship; the longer you have been together, the more you will appreciate each other in April 2016 as there is a sense of shared experience and warmth of emotion stemming from what you have been through and shared over the years.

April 2016 is a very positive month for couples who work together, either in business or some form of venture. Events will push you together as you are required to focus on some shared goal of mutual importance.

In-laws may be a problem in April 2016 – be firm with them, and do not let them interfere.

Virgo Career Horoscope April 2016

The Virgo April 2016 Astrology for Career shows that this can be a very opportune month to make a good impression on your boss or those of influence at your company – accept all positions of organizational and managerial responsibility, do not turn up a chance to do a different role due to modesty. Unlike what the CEO of Microsoft said, April 2016 is a good time to ask for a raise or to negotiate a better pay deal or superior benefits – don’t leave it up to karma as good karma also favors those who are not passive. Be bold and put in for a transfer or promotion or get a conversation going with HR about your career development.

April 2016 is also a very good month for those Virgos in modeling and careers where beauty and grace are important, i.e. dance, ballet, acting.

Diplomacy and bridge-building are very important career-wise and so be the one to put out an olive branch to colleagues or perhaps business rivals with whom you have clashed in the past.

Virgo, in your job or business, structure your month so that you get cracking on new deals, new initiatives and promotional activity at the start of the month, leave admin work, organizational work and financial work until the last third of the month. The first third of April is best for taking chances and being proactive, while the last third is better for playing it safe and getting back to basics, i.e. ensuring the most important facets of the business are running smoothly.

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