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Virgo August 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our August 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Virgo Zodiac Sign!

Virgo August Monthly Horoscope 2016- Overview

August 2016 is a time where you will be optimistic, gung-ho and positive about life. You are more secure with your self-image and happier within yourself. You are projecting in an open, wholehearted way and will attract new people and new experiences into your life, which will benefit your life goals.

You will experience a renewed sense of purpose in life, and this will help you make decisions that will help broaden your scope of experience. There will be the chance for travel and also further learning.

Your health will improve, and if you have had poor health or injuries, you will now convalesce quickly. Mentally, your attitude is much more positive, and you will have the inner strength to move on from negative situations and habits which have hampered your life in the past.

You are likely to meet many new people in the next few months, and these people will enrich your life and also bring a new element of understanding to you.

Everything in moderation is the key as Jupiter benefits us by making us expansive in our thinking and attitudes, but on the negative side, we can overdo things, and you know that too much of a good thing is also bad.

August 2016 Virgo Monthly Love Horoscope

In August 2016 single Virgos are likely to attract benevolent, outgoing and progressive types. This is a time when someone you meet could really bring you out of yourself and awaken you to new facets of yourself. In established relationships, you are eager for change – change for the better. You want to renew the relationships and re-experience the fire, you will be the driving force behind encouraging you to do new things as a couple and reignite your social life.

The only downside to relationships in August 2016 is managing expectations – the earth can’t move every time, no matter who you are.

Virgo Career Horoscope August 2016

In keeping with the themes of in August 2016, it is a good time to look at where you can take your career or business further, and if you are unemployed, certainly look to jazz up your CV and start looking for jobs again. Take a look back at any plans you have shelved and give them a second thought. Things that did not work in the past due to circumstances, you may now be better placed to attempt again. In life, you have to catch the wave; you may have been wading in still water but now the waves are rolling in, and you need to be ready to catch one.

It is best to be coy about your plans and keep them to yourself, you do not want to be put off track by negativity from Debbie Downers or those who are jealous and want to hold you back.

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