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Virgo Cartoon Character

Rabbit of Winnie-the-Pooh fameRabbit of Winnie-the-Pooh fame is always cleaning house, weeding the garden, or doing something to further organize his surroundings. He is a straight and clear thinker and a person that loves strict routine.

The typical Virgo person is quite often the same — fine and complex attention to detail is critical to maintaining the comfort of their environment.

Other Signs should be careful not to upset the apple cart, though. The Virgo personality, much like Rabbit, can become very agitated if the least little thing goes awry. This, in turn, will drive everyone else around them totally batty until order is restored to the Virgo’s world!

The Virgo person is a heavy thinker, and, like Rabbit, they love to share their vast array of knowledge with anyone who will listen. The Virgin, like Rabbit, has a quiet wit and can be great company as long as everything is exactly the way that they think it should be.

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