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The Virgo Child

Astrology & the Child

Astrology is a very practical tool in raising children. It provides information that eliminates judgment and criticism of a child (and parent) and can inspire communication between the generations. The knowledge of astrology enables us to enhance a child’s potential and to understand their specific behaviors. We can allow them to be who they are and not what we, society, or schools expect them to be.

Virgo and the Child

Virgo Child

Virgo Child

The Virgo child is like a seed, lying deep in the soil, quietly nurturing potential energy. A Virgo child can be shy, introverted, and introspective. But like the seed that shoots forth with the nurturing of the sun, soil, water, and gardener, this child can shoot forth with the nurturing of family, friends, teachers, and eventually self. Virgos are Earth children and grow well when exposed to nature. They may, in fact, learn much from gardening; the quiet discipline of daily tending to plants can calm them and teach them consistency. When they are small, put them in sandboxes and let them dig around.

In addition to gardening, Virgos benefit from any time spent in nature. After a bad day, when the Virgo child is ready to fall to pieces, time alone in nature, hiking, sitting, or running will comfort and revitalize the child. They also can learn much from studying nature, seeing how each tiny element works in concert with other elements to create an ecosystem — from the microscopic to the global.

The Virgo child is a natural communicator. He will likely love to read and write, talk on the telephone, correspond with pen pals, and generally ask a lot of questions. When a Virgo child asks a question, it is often to clarify. He may want to know details that seem superfluous or unimportant to parents, but it is vital to a Virgo’s mental growth to ask these questions. One of the kindest things an adult can do for a Virgo child is to be patient and just keep answering those questions. Essentially, the Virgo child is trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle of life to make a coherent and understandable whole. Because of this, he will assign particular importance to details, which are essential to putting together the whole picture. You can help him by discussing why his assumptions didn’t work and then giving him more information. You help to build the larger picture for him and, ultimately, to build the higher mind.

Time is also likely to be very important to the Virgo child. This is the child who has difficulty having fun at the park if she knows she’s going to a movie later in the day. She will be worrying that you won’t make it to the movie because of leaving the park too late. Therefore, as soon as she can tell time, buy her a watch, especially one with an alarm. This will save the sanity of both parents and child. Also, buying a Virgo child a calendar will help her organize her days and plan ahead. When she goes to school, buy her a day planner to record her assignments and obligations. The Virgo child is learning to categorize and critique everything, including the hours in the day. She can feel lost and out of control if she doesn’t have a sense of mastery of time.

The tarot card that symbolizes Virgo is the Hermit; this concept is very important to Virgos. They may be introverted, introspective, idealistic, honest, and self-disciplined. Just as Henry David Thoreau benefited from living in a cabin alone by Walden Pond, so the Virgo child benefits from spending time alone reading, writing, communing with nature, and working on projects. Virgo children need the peace and solitude of time alone to regroup, re-energize, and contemplate the day’s events. Through this solitude they begin to create a kinship with all life. Virgo children are learning to become self-reliant; they are the original self-made people. This is not easy, and they need a lot of nurturing to reach their goals. While some children may look at their failures and blame others around them, Virgo children ultimately blame themselves. They can be very critical, but most especially, they are critical of themselves. A parent can help by reminding the child of her accomplishments or even asking the child to list her successes of the day (Virgos love lists!).

As adults, Virgos are keenly interested in their health. As children, Virgos may tend to be sick a lot until they learn what their bodies need and how to maintain their own health. Because of their concern with perfecting their endeavors, they may be prone to stomach and digestive problems, headaches, or skin rashes. They may manifest their emotional concerns with these and other physical problems. As a parent, when you see these symptoms, check to see if your Virgo child has overextended himself in schoolwork or other activities, or is taking on too many responsibilities in other areas of his life. Remind him that his body is telling him that he’s upset or overextended and that when he changes his emotional outlook or his schedule, the physical symptoms will disappear. Feeling too much pressure can also result in an emotional volcano for the Virgo child as he learns to link the emotional and the mental. By helping him learn the limits of his energy and time, and by helping him get in touch with his feelings, you will help him learn to become that self-reliant person he was born to be.

Virgos need physical exercise as much as they need mental exercise. Sign them up for their favorite sports and then remind them that they don’t have to perform perfectly. Also, take them to a park often to let them learn to play. These are important skills for the Virgo child to carry into adulthood.

Virgo colors are purple (for healing), blue (for the autumn sky), and gold (for the shade of light at the Autumn Equinox). Dress them and decorate their rooms with these colors. Virgo children are avid readers and will enjoy reading about a variety of topics. Dakota Dugout and the Laura Ingalls Wilder books will appeal to their interest in living in nature. Books about the human body &emdash; even medical books &emdash; will appeal to their interest in medicine and the human form. Mysteries will interest them since they have to put the details together to solve a crime. As they grow into adolescence, Thoreau’s Self-Reliance is a must on every Virgo’s reading list. Bach’s “The Passion of St. Matthew” is a classic musical piece for Virgos and for the Autumn Equinox.

Things you can do with all children during the time of Virgo: • take long walks in the woods to commune with nature • do puzzles • harvest fresh produce and can it • read books together • write anything • begin a diary or journal • serve the planet by volunteering in a park • take the children for their yearly physical (time for yours, too!)

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