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Virgo December 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our December 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Virgo Zodiac Sign!

Virgo December Monthly Horoscope 2016- Overview

Dear Virgo, in December 2016 you are mischievous, and your sense of humor is also in top gear. Virgos are terrific raconteurs and during the holiday especially, when you see people you have not seen for a while; what a great time to use this talent to regale them with the events of your life this year.

With a little extra time to spare, you are very much in the mood for games be it chess, crosswords, Sudoku or other mentally stimulating games. Virgos enjoy the stimulation of puzzles and word games – you may even find yourself hooked on some phone apps that allow you to learn new games.

You may enjoy making cards and gifts this holiday season to give them that personal touch. December 2016 is a very good month for work involving crafts, i.e. artwork, card making, woodwork, pottery, textiles, dressmaking, etc. Perhaps you will get roped into making props or costumes for the children’s nativity play – this can be great fun and should not be shied away from as it can be very therapeutic. You’ll enjoy physical challenges in December 2016 and may take part in fun runs or energetic exercise in preparation for any pounds you’ll be putting on once the holiday eating begins.

You can be quite impulsive about spending this December so keep the receipts and make sure of the return policy so at least if you do have a change of mind you can return.

December 2016 is a very positive month to start thinking about next year, especially in relation to money, i.e. new ways to make money, save money, invest money or ideas for second income streams. In fact, be on the lookout for business opportunities/ideas that may present themselves this Christmas.

December 2016 Virgo Monthly Love Horoscope

Virgos are again in the mood for romance, and it is quite possible that you may be feeling broody and want to start or extend your family – you will talk much about children this December.

In December 2016 you are very eloquent when it comes to expressing romantic feelings, and so perhaps your gift to your partner could be a series of poems or love letters. Whatever your feelings for your partner, it is important to express them verbally, as the song goes: “Tell her about it, let her know just how you feel, give her every reason to accept that you’re for real.”

We all get insecure in relationships, and this is your chance to tell the one you love how special they are and how their love and support means everything to you. Mention specific things that he/she does that you especially like or enjoy, both physical and mental traits. Never think that, “I don’t have to say that ’cause he/she knows how I feel!” People invariably don’t know how you feel, and they want to hear it anyway – a “Thank you for being you!” goes an awful long way in any relationship.

Single Virgos are both charming and very witty in December 2016, making it easy for them to attract new partners. Again, there may be more than one on the go. You are very curious in December 2016 and eager to broaden your catchment criteria in terms of men/women – you may well be attracted to someone other than your type. The interest you take in finding out all about your new love is key to getting things off to a great start; people love it when you want to hear about them and their life, too many people talk too much about themselves.

Virgo Career Horoscope December 2016

Many Virgos who are still studying may begin to think about careers involving children this December. This may influence subjects you choose in future or work placements you look for in the summer. Often one has to start applying for your summer/July jobs in January so it is worth thinking ahead about what you would like to do and researching employers who are taking staff on.

Client and customer communication is vital in December 2016: do not neglect to wish clients for the holidays and lay on special discounts, bargains and offers for your customers. Christmas and the holidays provide an excellent opportunity to cement good relationships as well as giving you the chance to touch base with all your clients/customers both new and old.

Whatever work you are in, take time to wish those in your Facebook groups or LinkedIn network well for the New Year – this is your chance to say HI, REMEMBER ME. In networking, you never know who you can ask a question or create an opportunity with in the New Year. No one likes being contacted only when you need them, but if you have always wished them well over the holidays, it creates a feeling that you touch base with them often and remember them fondly.

Well-wishing and Christmas greetings play a vital role in business and is also a chance to cement good relations with colleagues – you spend eight hours a day at work, you may as well get on with people there and foster a good spirit.

Look after everyone that makes your business tick this Christmas.

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