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Virgo Astrological Goddess

Virgo Astrological Goddess Power

The Virgo woman is perfection confounded.

You are the critic of the Zodiac in virginal purity.

Your Many Fabulous Qualities

Virgo dear, guess what? The secret is out. Under all that quiet, shy exterior there is a gutsy woman who others better not mess with. Sorry to spill but it’s time everyone knew.

You are wonderfully determined and can accomplish everything you set your mind to do. Men are proud to know the real you and work with you on your goals.

You have a very select nature, virginal they say, and will never give your heart away to just anyone. In fact, you truly can’t love someone unless you are madly in love with him.

If the world was as organized as you, you would still find a way to organize it better. It just comes naturally to you and if he loves you, he totally gets and respects this about you.

You criticize to help no matter how badly it comes off at times. You just see how things should be and think things could be so much easier. You are right but not always understood.

Your clean and healthy living habits are refreshing and respected by all but the slobs of the world. Luckily, you are not interested in men of that type.

You have incredible self-retrain and never overspend or overindulge in anything. Men respect your self control and tempered ways.

You are a grounded soul ruled by Airy Mercury, which gives you a carefree attitude and solid common sense that men crave.

You have an intelligent wit and a delightful sense of humor, which you tap into whenever you get too stress. For perfect balance, make sure your man can do the same.

You are totally committed to the one you love and will lose yourself in fiery lovemaking with him. But if the love isn’t there, neither will be the passion. Don’t try to fool yourself or him.

And Virgo dear, while all these qualities are rightfully yours, the universe gave you something else that makes you the Virgo Goddess.

Your True Goddess Power

Of all your fabulous qualities, your talent for perfection is your power source. Perfection is a strange quality when the planet and its people are always in a state of chaos and change. You may play out this quality by lining up all the cans in the cabinet perfectly. Don’t waste your time. Your true purpose is spiritual perfection or connecting in perfect unison with divine love.

Never underestimate this awesome power or what you can give to the world by embracing this path. He may never pick up his socks or put down the toilet seat (maddening right?) but you can lift him and others out of the material trance state of existence if you just let that go. True perfection is living in harmony with the planet (your earth sign) and the universe (your ruling air energy) to achieve divine love (your virgin symbol). Transcend the material and become the Goddess you are.

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