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Virgo means Divine Mother in Latin; in Hebrew it means, “House of Pure Water,” an original element of life. Embedded within the words and sign of Virgo is the idea of purity, an unadulterated state of being that maintains and preserves health. Virgo is the sign of the mother, who brings forth a Divine (or pure) Child. One of the ways to view this is through the fact of reincarnation, the purpose of which is to constantly provide a better body vehicle for Spirit to function within. Virgo is known for not squandering emotion and is often seen as cold and unfeeling. Virgo’s real purpose is to be barren or neutral to anything that keeps her from spiritual fertility. Virgo is about digestion, not only of proper foods, but the digesting of fragments of data, connecting them without judgments, and birthing, from the bowels of the body, an entirely new state of being.

Astrology furnishes humanity with the astro (star)-chemical plan for regeneration of physical, mental, and spiritual functioning. Virgo is related to the center of the body preparing to create a man (mind)-made-new. In Virgo, the Soul light enters matter, purifies the form, and the Soul and personality seek integration. Virgo seeks refinement of the body’s form and its chemistry to create the perfect vehicle for Spirit to enter. Virgo calls for self-mastery and a giving birth to self. Virgo is about purifying the body to serve as a field of service to humanity.

Our Body Knows Best

One of the ways to prepare and purify the field of the body is through eating appropriate foods. When Eve (ancient name for Virgo) ate the apple from the Tree of Knowledge, she was eating the right food for her individual metabolism. Since then, humanity has been searching for foods that assimilate easily and give vitality and strength. From vegetarian to vegan, from macrobiotic to the Zone, from Pritikin to calorie- and carbohydrate-restrictive diets, the choices are endless and still we’re suffering from chronic fatigue, allergies, candida, parasites, and as a society we’re getting fatter and fatter. Simply living in the year 2000 has become a health problem.

“Your Body Knows Best,” a book on nutrition by Ann Louise Gittleman (1997, Pocket Books Health, New York), presents strong research for individualized approaches to diet and health, based upon ancestry and genetic heritage, blood type, and metabolism.

Blood types have as much to do with what not to eat, as what to eat. Virgo (generation) is about the purification of the blood. In esoteric literature it is stated that our blood is, at present, the most highly individualized factor in the human body. Man was assisted by Hosts of Celestial Beings in the building of every bodily organ; blood is a product of their labor.

Our ancestral heritage has been transmitted to our bodies from centuries past and our ancestral diet is, in most cases, what our bodies crave today. Not feeding the body this vital ancestral food breaks down its integrity and causes illness and devitalization.

Metabolism is the third factor to consider. A slow metabolism requires different foods than a fast metabolism. Both types of metabolizers can be overweight due to the fact that the body is not adequately ingesting foods. How fast our body uses food is one of the most important determinants in choosing the foods we should eat.

Gittleman notes that her approach parallels the 6,000 year old science of Ayurveda, which differentiates individuals though body typing. Color and
texture of hair and skin, rate of speech, body size and shape, gait, and even temperament and emotional responses are clues Ayurvedic physicians look at to determine body type and assist them in individualizing diagnoses and treatment. Whereas Western medicine asks what kind of disease is this, Ayurveda asks what kind of patient is suffering from the disease?
The information in “Your Body Knows Best” is a springboard for further investigation into personalizing health and learning what works best for our individualized body. Though we all share some basic and common needs, we also have unique dietary requirements, that if better understood, could reorient our present and reshape our future.

Virgo & the Body

Physiologically, the function of Virgo is to assimilate and discriminate. Its main focus is to breakdown, analyze, and organize. Virgo, along with Mercury, play a significant role in our body’s metabolism. All along the metabolic process, the body receives messages (Mercury) that turn on and off some vital process. These messages are governed by Mercury, and involve a discriminative function, which is the province of Virgo.

Anatomically, Virgo rules the lower abdominal cavity and the organs which lie within it:
• the lower liver discriminates between substances needed and those toxic to the body;
• the pancreas releases pancreatic juices that digest all foods, the gallbladder produces the bile that is released to the duodenum and is critical for the proper digestion of fats;
• the intestinal tract is where food is chemically broken down and nutrients are then assimilated through the walls of the intestines;
• the spleen produces many types of blood cells and is a vital, protective mechanism for the body. Esoterically, great emphasis is placed on the spleen. It is through this organ that the solar forces enter the body and distribute its vital fires.

The homeopathics, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and Bach Flower Remedies specifically for Virgo (person and time of year) are:

Homeopathic is Kali Sulphuricum (Kali sulph). Its function is to lubricate, purify, and ventilate the body — qualities especially helpful for Virgos, who are susceptible to disorders of the lower digestive tract and bowels. This cell salt carries oxygen to the cells of the skin and distributes oil in the body, which aids in perspiration and the elimination of body poisons. Kali sulph is excellent in the treatment of acne and other skin conditions including dandruff.

Herbs are mint and fennel to assist in digestion, dandelion for the liver, and valerian to calm the nerves (though some people are allergic to valerian so be cautious).

Vitamins and minerals: Vitamin C. All B vitamins, especially B-1 (Thiamin) since it’s crucial for the proper metabolism of carbohydrates. B-6 regulates protein metabolism and also is crucial for the body’s absorption of Vitamin B-12, amino acid metabolism, and proper utilization of fats. Phosphorus is also important because it is necessary for the absorption and utilization of niacin and riboflavin.

Bach Flower Remedies: centaury, impatiens, and vervain.

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