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Virgo January 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our January 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Virgo Zodiac Sign!Virgo January 2016 Horoscope

Virgo January 2016 Monthly Horoscope – Overview

The Virgo January 2016 horoscope shows that you need to be more concerned about what you can see rather than what you cannot see. It is not the unknown or the secret enemies that can create obstacles for you this month, but something right under your nose, something so mundane that you could fall over it and not notice. The lesson is not to take anything in your everyday life for granted – pay attention to these things, and you will be close to avoiding problems this month.

January 2016 is in many ways a lucky month for Virgo; unexpected pleasant surprises and developments can break up the routine and create opportunity for enjoyment, advancement and learning.

Make important arrangements and decisions or sign contracts before Jan 6 when Mercury (your ruler) turns retrograde. For any travel from January 6 to January 26 leave extra time and expect delays. If you are in the UK, finalize your tax well before the January 26 deadline, with Mercury retrograde you cannot afford to leave it late. Travel for business is likely, but it may be stressful and not very productive for Virgo in January 2016.

The Virgo January 2016 horoscope also reveals that there is a great head and heart battle this month, with your head rather pessimistic and very earthed while your heart and intuition are actually telling you something very different about the same situations your head is so worried about. Be cautious, but do not discount what your heart is saying.

An interest in your own company and a desire to clear your head and have your own thoughts may incline you to be rather introspective this month. It is as if you need to be in touch with the inner you and get away from pleasing others, ticking boxes, clockwatching and routine chores. Bored with day to- day life, you will escape in dystopian novels, fantasy books and movies and films favoring genres that are insightful and emotionally moving.

Virgo January 2016 Monthly Love Horoscope

You cannot abide by pettiness and controlling behavior in January 2016, dear Virgo – you need space, but it may not be physical as such, but mental space. Make it clear that you do not want to be nagged and dragged down to the level of the mundane all the time.

If you give each other space and avoid talking about work and problems (we all get bogged down in talking about the more irritating things in life) then things will improve as the month goes on. The Virgo January 2016 love horoscope points out that it is a stressful and irritating month, but you have to make your relationship a bubble where you leave those hassles on the outside – we can all switch off if we want to, it just takes more effort sometimes. Do not take the day out on each other.

The key is to make time for intimate conversations, talk more about sex, talk more about sexual fantasies, and make the time to indulge these … there is time if you make it. All work and no play, etc.

The January 2016 horoscope for Virgo also shows that new relationships may begin online, via Twitter or via sexting – this can be a great way to start a relationship, as sometimes it is easier to talk about sex to someone you don’t know yet and who is just a name on a screen. Do always be careful and don’t give out details that could come back to bite you.

In love, as in other walks of life it is the unknown which holds both excitement and opportunity for happiness in January 2016.

Virgo Career Horoscope for January 2016

The devil is in the detail as they say – this is the key for January 2016. The Virgo January 2016 horoscope for Career shows that attention to the finer points and investigating and getting to the heart of the problem is a theme for Virgo this month. You may have to go right through a computer program or a document to find either a small glitch or tweak to get it perfect, and perfect is what is needed.

Investigation is also a key term for your workplace in January 2016 – extra work may come your way due to an internal investigation or office restructuring, which affects how you work and your day-to-day life. In self-employment, changes to rules and regulations may mean that you have to adjust or read through loads of paperwork to get the gist of the new requirements.

The Virgo January 2016 horoscope for Career also reveals that if you are looking for work, changes in your industry could also affect your qualifications, and you may have to update these and retake a test.

While these changes are annoying and not what you need, they are nowhere near as bad as they may first seem, and you will take them in your stride.

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