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virgo jealousy

Virgo Jealousy

Virgo’s attitude toward jealousy

So you’re dating a Virgo. What to expect?

Someone whose feet are firmly planted on the ground.

Virgo, also known as the Virgin, is an earth sign and is ruled by the planet Mercury. Virgos born on the cusp of Leo may be more outgoing and more lively than usual. Virgos who are born on the cusp of Libra may be a bit more sociable, a bit more easygoing.

This earth sign is sensible, practical and organized. You won’t find them running around looking for their car keys! They know where to find them — right next to all the other things that belong in their purse or pockets, in exactly the right spot where they’re supposed to be. Virgos are steady and reliable and more than capable of getting things done—in the proper order, of course.

They can be fussy people, these Virgos. They like things in the proper place and done the proper way. They’re also quite fastidious about their homes and their persons. When you see a quiet and tidy person, you may just be looking at a Virgo.

That being said, as far as they’re concerned, they’re always right. Their way is always better and they won’t hesitate to criticize someone else’s way if it doesn’t meet up to their standards. It may be a sign of insecurity, but Virgo needs to be just that much better than everyone else.

You won’t usually see a Virgo wear their heart on their sleeve. They do have emotions, they just prefer not to put them on display for the world to see. They tend to keep their passions tidily on the inside.

Because of their observant ways, Virgo is often a terrific judge of character and can be quite wise, especially when it comes to problem solving. If their point of view is sometimes negative or a bit gloomy, it’s because they’re cautious when it comes to overestimating chances of success. A Virgo would be more comfortable aiming low and hitting their target than promising to attain a higher goal (and possibly failing and disappointing someone).

Typically, Virgos are not outwardly romantic, although they do have feelings just like everyone else. They’re just very good at hiding them. Honest and not usually promiscuous, you can count on your Virgo mate. They do tend to be critical and to nag, for a Virgo prefers perfection in all things.

In love, they’re not big on the art of compromise. In fact, a typical Virgo lives by “my way or the highway”. If their mate is not up to scratch, or has been unfaithful, they won’t hesitate to end the relationship. They may feel jealous or insecure, but they won’t put up with poor behavior. They’ll politely show their mate to the nearest door and wish them a good life…with someone else.

Virgos are usually most compatible with earthy Capricorn, who is quite similar and is strong enough to cope with Virgo’s strong personality. They’re also most compatible with earthy Taurus, who is patient and stubborn enough to handle Virgo’s ways.

The Virgin can also have a harmonious, if less serious, relationship with airy Libra. Serious, moody Cancer will be kind and warm and affectionate, and fiery Leo is strong enough to cope with a Virgo’s methods. There may be some compatibility with intense and passionate watery Scorpio.

Fiery Sagittarius may be too restless and too freedom-loving to find compatibility with a Virgo, and watery Pisces may be too sensitive and emotional to bear Virgo’s coldness and criticism. Airy, adventurous Gemini may irritate the solidly-planted earth sign.

Airy Aquarius and fiery Aries are two signs that may simply walk away when Virgo tries to control or contain them in any way.

Virgo can be a strong shoulder to lean on, and may provide a comforting, steady presence to the right person.

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