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Virgo In Karmic Astrology

Virgo To be recognized as a competent specialist and as an aid to others

Just as an oyster creates a pearl, those nagging doubts will motivate you to improve. You are already special. There is much to do in your own backyard, however, so don’t worry what your neighbor is doing. A constructive mind is a gift; like a sharp blade, it can cut both ways. Take it easy on yourself. Although you will receive your recognition for a job well done, no one will be as pleased as God. That’s what “storing your treasures in heaven” means! It’s O.K. to be exact, but not exacting!

“Minimize the faults, maximize the virtues.”

The Virgo/Pisces axis is very much the Christ initiation…these have mostly been in environments where nature was very important, such as the Essene Communities and those of the Druids where rituals of cleansing were very important.

There are many on this planet at this time with one of the signs prominent in the chart…either as Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Node or stellium of other planets. The lesson is to keep the body and mind cleansed of toxic thinking and negative thinking, often through nutrition and certain detoxing rituals.

These folks respond well to herbs, vegetarianism, hydrotherapy, and spiritual healing, if not becoming a professional on all of the above or at least some of the above. Writing and journaling also was brought over from past lives.

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