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Virgo Life Mission

As a Virgo, you’re supposed to be working hard at getting people and situations in your life that you can count on!

Bring order and routine to your life by serving others and being dedicated to ta task.

That’s what you’re learning in this lifetime – to bring order to your life!
Your Virgo Affirmation

Your Virgo Affirmation is “Everything in my life is in order, and I am calm.”

Say your Affirmation often, and learn to believe it! Your subconscious mind listens to what you’re telling yourself!

If you tell yourself your life is out of control and nothing makes sense, chances are your wishes will come true!

Try instead to really believe that you can control your own destiny, that you are truly in charge of your own life!

Your Life Issues As A Virgo:

Health, job issues, practical skills (overworked & underpaid?), the idea is to improve yourself (self-improvement), and bring order and routine to your life by serving others and being dedicated to a task.

Tell yourself often, so your subconscious mind believes it:

“Everything in my life is in order, and I am calm.”

Clues You’re Not Doing Well With Your Virgo Life Mission:
  • if your house and life are a mess,
  • you spend a lot of time criticizing everyone else and can’t see the forest for the trees,
  • if you can’t find satisfying work,
  • if your health is always poor,
  • if you’re a workaholic

– it’s a clue you need to do some inner work on those Virgo qualities!

Energy Imbalances come from:

not discriminating well, especially with health and work issues,
if you’re overly worried about, and critical of, yourself, that tension is going to get increasingly worse.

Clues You’re Doing Well With Your Virgo Life Mission:
  • you feel organized, in control,
  • you don’t nit-pic others to death,
  • you enjoy doing things for other people without thinking it’s demeaning work in any way,
  • you’re healthy but not health-obsessed.
When You Are Most Yourself & Most Happy:
  • when you feel like you’re in control, like your life makes sense,
  • you like your job,
  • you’re not worried about much of anything.
  • You like life best when you don’t have a whole list of “should’s” running in your mind.
Good Jobs For Virgo:

Being the person behind the person in power, something that makes you feel useful and productive, doing something very tangible and concrete.

Good Relationships For Virgo – LOVE For A Virgo Sun:

Someone who has control over his or her life; you don’t like surprises! You value practical action far more than pie-in-the-sky dreams!

Good Things To Consider If You’re A Virgo Sun:
  • occasionally try for “good enough” instead of perfect,
  • make more lists so you feel organized,
  • organize your filing and bills,
  • wear a Moss Agate bracelet, go on a diet – Moss Agate is the Virgo gemstone because it is the stone of the gardener, and all others who what to bring more growth into their lives,
  • get regular exercise,
  • take your vitamins,
  • work on negative self-talk,
  • take an efficiency class,
  • do something constructive!
What are Virgo qualities?

Self-discrimination, self-analysis, self-improvement, self-discipline, do a good job for its own sake, learn practical skills.

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